I have a new Q & A for you guys! I have no words so lets skip my annoying long intro’s. Here we go:

~ Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? I sleep with them closed but I am not one of those people who cares an awful lot about the monsters in there, they are my friends.

~ Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Yes, and I always get the cute little soaps and I use the stuff for traveling, but everywhere I travel has their own shampoo & condition bottles and their own soaps so……

~ Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Actually I sleep with them tucked in at the bottom of the bed and out at my torso. The reason of this being I get cold feet really easily and I absolutely hate cold feet. I have them out at the top because it takes me ages to go to sleep and I sleep really restlessly so I move around heaps. Okay…that took ages even though no one cares about that question.

~ Have you ever stolen a street sign? Umm. Yeah. Coz apparently that’s a thing people do. It’s like, “Hey Bobby, what do you wanna do?” And Bobby says “Hmmm. You know what? Let’s steal a street sign….That’s so CoOOoOl!!!!!” And you’re like “Woah! yeah! That is so ReBelll!!!!!“. Like, Wtf am I gonna do with a street sign?! Yeah, the answer is no in case you were wondering.

~ Do you cut out coupons and then never use them? Yeah. I’m all like Woah! This is sosoosos cool! My life is like #goals! This is gonna be great. Then it gets lost at the bottom of my wallet.

~ Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Okay, so this is either die or have temporary excruciating pain….BEE’S.

~ Do you always smile for pictures? Most casual pictures with friends or if people take pictures of me but some times I do this model thing where I look away and I’m like all pretty and perfect and I pretend where there isn’t a big camera in front of my face. So “Mediocre”. Woah! I love that word! Mediocre. I have’t used that word in ages.

~ Do you ever count your steps when you walk? I waste my time on other stuff.

~ Have you ever peed in the woods? IT’S CALLED CAMPING PRINCESS! Ha lol TMI.

~ Do you still watch cartoons? Like I said, I waste my time on other stuff.

Tnx for reading. Please comment your thoughts and opinions. Have a great day. Stay in school. I dare you to smile for five minutes just because you are breathing.

Keep smiling, Keep scrolling.


What do you do with a dream?

Hello everyone! No matter what age you are you do or have had a dream. Now I don’t mean going to sleep of a night and dreaming that Uncle Bob ate the cat then the fish the he exploded the you had a funeral then he became a zombie then Katy Perry emailed you then you where happy then everyone in the world all gave you a dollar then you became the richest lady (or man) in the world and bought the Tardis off Doctor Who they he wanted it back and he chased you but before he could catch you you jumped in the Tardis and landed in 1866 then the Tardis was sad to never see the Doctor again then it did the self destruct thingy and then you got out just in time to not die but the Tardis exploded and you were stuck in 1866 and you had to life the rest of your life homeless there. No that’s not the kind of dream that I mean the dream that you decide on at the age of six, the only dream that you can imagine yourself doing and the dream that sticks with you even if you don’t text it back.

If you have a dream then yes, I hereby give you permission to follow it up. If you have a dream that you have been dreaming then stop dreaming it and start living it! You can do it! I believe in you! (this post deserves lots and lots of explanation marks)

The only reason that you are not living that dream is because you are doubting yourself. Stop making excuses and start believing in yourself! If you really want to do it then do it. No one else has the power or the authority to stop you or tell you no-can-do. Millions of people everyday get put down from there dreams but if everyone just gave-up just like that then there would be no “Harry Potter” books, no Einstein, no lolly pops, no actors, no movies, no PlanetGeorgia.wordpress.com.

Don’t give-up and if you aren’t happy with how you are living then change it. Create the life that you want to live and live it!

Thank you very very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Live life and love living it! Keep smiling, keep scrolling.