20 things you definitely DONT know about me ( and if you do that’s creepy )

Lots of people every day ask me questions about me, so today I’m going to give you strait answers. And here we go:

1. I HATE baked beans, like really hate.

2. I LOVE things that make you look, feel or smell nice.

3. I HATE cold hands or feet! It is the worst thing ever! Especially since I seem to always have warms hands and feet. Like, people I’m not gonna share a blanket with you, you have cold feet.

4. I LOVE hanging out with my friends ( more than you know )

5. I HATE farts!!😫 Please release gas OUTSIDE .

6. I LOVE blogging, yay.

7. I HATE Leeches!!

8. I’m ending the LOVE, HATE thing now.

9. I can’t stand consistency…….and irony……

10. I’ve never tried a toblerone ( will do ) and I had also never even herd of them until my friends brought it up😁😜

11. I can’t stand those lollies that make you chew for too long!

12. I’ve got eight more questions to go, JUST SAY’IN!!

13. I love reading

14. I’ve got a fuzzy blanket that lives on my bed, stays with me when I blog and is very,very,very,very fuzzy! ( so practically I’ve got a very loyal blanket!!😉

15. I’m running out of facts!!😄

16. I’m on Instagram

17. I have a three year old sister that loves photo both😉

18. I love the lollies gobstoppers

19. This is the second last one so I better make the last one kool ( and yes I purposely used a ‘k’ for cool )

20. Sorry, couldn’t think of anything ‘kool’. Just you average blogger

Thanks for reading and following guys. Remember to ask questions about me or anything and if I get enough I will post your answers!! ( will put updated version up every now and then😘

September favourites


Right now my blog is getting really boring so I thought I might spice things up a bit, every month I’m going to post my favourites for that month. It could be anything from lollies to socks ( not that I’m too interested in socks). So enough of my blabber, here are my favourites of September:

1. Mints! Mints are not just a monthly fav they are a life favourite, so I just thought I might share my crave for mints.

2. Foot baths! I LOVE foot baths, they calm you down and give you time to think.

3. My radio! My radio is again a life fav and comes to many uses to me. I listen to it in the morning when I’m getting ready for school and it comes to good use for when I sit on my bed and do some blogging, in fact I’m listening to it right now!

4. Candles! Unlike all the others candles came to me this month. I enjoy there unlimited scents and their calming glow.

5. Vanilla hand moisturiser! It feels nice, smells nice and is nice! That is all I can say.

imageimageimageimageimage      Thank you for following my blog guy’s, please comment your September favourites.😊😁😘

My Planet

Welcome to my planet, my world, my life. Every one on this Earth has their own planet, their friends and  their family are there, there are buildings and roads, houses and cars. Your life is your planet, your world. This blog is about realising that, enjoying life, Inspiration.