“None of this matters”

Lately there has been a random though floating around in my brain. I don’t know why it’s there, I don’t know if it should be there. I keep thinking “None of this matters”.Why I think this I don’t understand. I don’t know how to make this thought go away and what to do with it.

Every now and then it will appear. I don’t give it permission, I don’t welcome it in. It is just there and then it goes. Just this single thought.

When I think this thought, I think, “none of this matters” It refers to life. All these little things we care about, all these little things, they don’t actually matter.

But it is like I hit the end of a road. The thought is there, then it’s gone.

Dear Fat People…

It is easy to have power in the media, to be able to control what people think, Negativity id spread like wildfire. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire.

Today I saw the video…”Dear Fat People.” I have so many mixed emotions.
There are so many things I want to say the words aren’t coming properly.

It’s crazy how much power someone can have…and how easy it comes these days. There is the President, There are rich people…
But all it takes to change peoples lives for good or bad, is someone talking to a camera and posting it online, they could type it up…but all it takes is a couple of followers and the race begins. It can all spread like wildfire, and the negative spreads the most.

Some of you may be wondering what I am talking about, well, 10 moths ago (woah I am a tad late on this one) a video was uploaded to YouTube called “Dear Fat People.” In this video she claims that fat people deserve to be shamed. I am not going to leave a link to this video because this woman has gotten 12 million views on this video and is earning a mass amount of money by fat shaming. Watching this video is your choice, and your choice alone.

I watched this video and I was so angry, I felt so disgusted and horrified at the thought that someone is making thousands by making people feel this way and feeding the immoral society. I was about to share this video to my friends, I wanted to show them how disgusting this was. Then the anger stopped. I realised that shaming her wouldn’t fix the situation, shaming her and telling her my opinions wouldn’t fix it. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire. 

After I watched this video I watched another, this was by a different person. There are heaps of positive parody’s to this video, it made me realise that no matter how much negativity is in this world, there is always some positivity.

With all this being said it is equally important to address the fact that Obesity is common and does kill people. But this is no different to any other disease. This is a complety irrelevant example but imagine you have a cold some form of sickness…now imagine everyone shaming you, telling you you don’t fit in because of this….does it help? The answer is no. What does help is getting some support, people giving you the education and help you need to get you better.
Support instead of shame. 


Love everyone the way you would want to be loved.

Thank you very much for reading. I would love for you to share your opinions whatever they may be in the comments. I would just like you all to know that I do not get paid for this blog, I am not sponsored nor do I get paid for adds being put on my website, sharing this post will not benefit me or give me money. That being said please share this post and spread this message. We need to work together to accomplish a better mindset as a society.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

…It’s 1:20 am…i guess that’s when I finally start thinking…

Plastic People

They talk different. They move different. Their laughter is forced. Their hair is perfect. They chose sides. They choose people. The people they have chosen they use. They judge. They never change. They pretend to be happy. They put on a face. They make you do their dirty work. They judge you for not looking a certain way. They are plastic. 

We live in a world were there is a lot of fake. People only see the part of you that you want them to see. Being who you are sometimes isn’t how you get popular. They pretend to be someone else to look good.

I don’t want to be one of those people. One of those people who pretend. One of the people who are not themselves. They are so pathetic. Does it make them happy? Being someone else to be liked. I want to feel loved because I am myself. So when I feel like saying something weird, blunt, crazy, I just do it, I don’t care what people think. They can be plastic but at least I can be real. 

Don’t change who you are for other people. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. The people who are worth it won’t care how weird I am.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

The Internet Reality

I am doing tests in school and I realised that there is something new about this year. Halfway through the test I had a huge urge to get up and run around and talk to people and exercise. Long story cut short: The reason for this is because I am addicted to my devices (Geez, put it too them strait much). On  social medial,  I post and talk to people on there everyday, even when I am not posting on my blog I am still answering emails and working on my site. The Internet is a big part of who I am and what I do, and I never think about what it is doing to my brain. I have a short attention and focus time, simply because I spend way too much time on screens.

Obviously I am committed and dedicated to my website and I love what I do so I am not going to stop going online completely. All I want to do is make sure that I am setting my priorities right and living in the real world. I have a few strategies that I will use to stop my Internet addiction:

  • Only go online when I am either working or studying.
  • Spend only half an hour a day online doing something not work related.
  • Think about how much time I spend online and how much time I actually need to spend on there.

When I feel down or when I need to do something I go to the online world and escape. I makes me forget about reality and go in the world where everything is perfect. Like is milkshakes, views, traveling, fun, friends, perfect hair, skinny people and the weather is always good. We are all stuck in this vertial reality were everything is fake. One of my favourite things about my blog is that I can be real. I don’t put on a face or lie about how I feel. I can give advice and explain my thoughts and emotions towards the world. In my corner of the internet the world is real, buzzing with life.

I know that I can be real with you and you can be real with me. Let’s create a place on the Internet where we are ourselves, instead of being someone else.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

Autumn Look-book ft. Lucy Cox

Hello everyone! Today’s post is very different to my usual posts. I had a photoshoot with my friend Lucy (bob cut). I am nervous and exited for this post because you have only seen my face with cookies covering my eyes :). Lucy has the bob cut and I have the long red hair. All of these outfits are outfits that we would wear this Autumn. This post reveals a side of me that you have never seen before. I hope you like it. Thanks to Lucy Cox for being in this post, she is amazing and you can’t help but love her 🙂 Here we go:


IMG_2461 IMG_2463 IMG_2467 IMG_2493IMG_2487IMG_2492

IMG_2285 IMG_2278 IMG_2292IMG_2304 IMG_2338 IMG_2322

IMG_2375 IMG_2361 IMG_2386 IMG_2387 Version 2

Please comment your favourites and feedback. I will be doing a look-book every season but if you would like them more often please tell me in the comments. Keep smiling, keep scrolling.


Hello everybody! Today I will be writing to you about change. Here we go:

I remember a time when I wasn’t me, but I was me.

I remember a time when I smiled for different reasons, laughed at different things.

I remember a time when I had a different taste in food.

I remember a time when I didn’t fully understand all the wrongs in the world, all the wars, all the society’s errors.

I remember when I kept every item, every rock, every leaf, every school project, thinking there was some special memory or sentimental fact about it attached. 

I remember thinking there were fairy’s in my backyard.

I remember having a book of potions and fairy secrets.

I remember thinking my Teddy bears had a party without me when I was sleeping.

I remember getting my words wrong.

I remember getting frustrated because I couldn’t draw like Mummy.

I remember not being allowed to cross the road alone.

I remember earning money and never spending it.


The thing I don’t remember is when it all changed.


I don’t remember when I started having my own opinions.

I don’t remember when I started having dreams about my future, wanting to be an actress and a writer.

I don’t remember when I suddenly cared about clothes.

I don’t remember when I started doing my hair by myself.

I don’t remember when I started liking boys.

I don’t remember when I was allowed to cross the road alone.

I don’t remember when I was allowed to go out with friends.

I don’t remember when I suddenly knew about this world and it’s mistakes.

I don’t remember when I started being unique.

I don’t remember when I got green in my eyes.

I don’t remember when I realised I could sing.

I don’t remember when I started reading big books.

I don’t remember when I had to start actually thinking about exercise and healthy food.

We all change, that is certain. All I know is that I am not the person I once was.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.


5 ways to exercise without leaving the house

Hello everyone! So incase you haven’t noticed your a human, and humans need exercise. As well as other things like Water, food, Pizza, Ice-cream, Sushi etc. So here I have for you today 10 ways to exercise without leaving the house.

  1. Yoga, a Yoga DVD or a YouTube video is a great way to exercise and Yoga is so good for you. you can just do it in the privacy of your bedroom on your laptop (I mean watch the video on the laptop not do yoga on your laptop…)
  2. Dancing, it is my favouite way to exercise. When I do it I do it for fun, not to intentionally burn calories. Even if dancing wasn’t a form of exercise I would still do it (even if I’m not that good).
  3. Push ups, they are so great for getting stronger and so great for goal such as; be able to do 20 in two weeks etc. I really like push ups and they are so quick, just do them in the commercial breaks on TV
  4. Sit ups, I find these so much fun to do and are great if you are working for abs and stomach muscles (same thing….)
  5. Wii, The wii is great and Fit plus game is so much fun for all ages. It is perfect especially if you get bored easily because there are so many games and activities on there for you to try. It is programmed to be fun but also include the basic important areas like Balance; Cardio; Yoga; Muscle etc.

Thank you very much and be sure to leave a comment telling us what you like to do to exercise at home. The comment button is at the top of the post under the title or you can click the title which leads you to the same link, then scroll down and the commenting is all yours!

Remember to compliment someone each day and keep smiling, keep scrolling x

The best way to exercise

Hello everyone! I have been getting people asking me to write Healthy Lifestyle posts and I think that is a great idea! Thank you to Julia Doanol who requested for me to write a post about ‘The best way to exercise’ so here is the best way to exercise and some major tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

People exercise to achieve the ‘perfect body’. The modern view to the ‘perfect body’ is skinny. What people don’t even bother to realise is the the perfect body is a body that is healthy, a body that the person is happy in. I would like to give a few messages out to the world even if only a few thousand get them.

Don’t exercise for the ‘perfect body’, exercise for a healthy life.

Exercise in a way that makes you happy, by doing what you love and enjoy. 

Don’t let others or society change the way you view yourself and pressure you to be a person you are not. 

Don’t judge your own body or anyone else’s for that matter, respect yourself and others. 

Exercise because it’s what you need, because it’s what us as humans need to do. Not because it’s what society pressured you to do. You are wonderful just the way you are. Exercise today and everyday. They say 30 minutes each day so do that. Not because you want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker  but because you want to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This message needs to be clear. I’m in no way telling you not to exercise, you definitely still need to exercise but change you mindset to a more positive one.

Please share this message with as many friends and family as possible. Share this on your social medias and through email, help me share this message to the world and make the society we live in a better place. Even if we just make a dent in the Sphere of negativity make the dent as big as possible because that one dent could change someones live forever.

Thank you very much for sharing and please comment voicing your opinion and again please, please share, not to promote my blog but to promote my message and please use the hashtag #Fightwithplanetgeorgia and help me make the world a better place. If you like this post and want more like it please comment so. Thank you for reading. Keep smiling, keep scrolling x

Ten ways to make your room unique


Hello everyone! This post is focused on decor and making a room look unique, stylish and most importantly you. These are just some small things to add that cosy at-home feeling to a plain room as well as adding some of your personality.

  • Books, Your favourite books that you have read or want to read. This add personality and taste to your room.In my room I have about six book shelves, my main one is on my built-in shelf above my bed and my most used one is on my bedside table where I keep one or two of my favourites, the book I’m currently reading and the book I am reading next.
  • Colours, Colours is what makes up a room, for example my favourite colours are Aqua and Turquoise blue and Pink. In my room I have those colours along with many others. I make my room as happy, calm and organised as I possibly can because at this stage in my life that’s what I need.
  • Photography, Your own photography that you love, for example I took the most beautiful photo above the clouds on my trip and people think that I stole it off the internet, I don’t want to post it on my blog I don’t think because people can easily just steal the photo but I want to get it printed out on Canvas and put it in my room.
  • Your art, One or two of your favourite art pieces that you have done.
  • DIY’s, Do some DIY’s to make your room unique, I have three big paper pom-poms, my inspo board and paper chains.
  • Fairy Lights, This is probably one of my favourites, add fairy lights to your room, my favourite place is near my bed.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day! Keep smiling, keep scrolling. x


Take on every given opportunity

Hello everyone! Today I write to you about opportunity’s.

You may or may not realise it but you have many opportunity’s before you, If you are reading this right now you are very lucky, you obviously have access to free Wi-fi, you obviously have a bed and you obviouely have food. Most of the time we want all of these opportunity’s to show up, because in out heads that’s what we think will make us happy. Then we get upset because these opportunity’s have not shown up, well guess what?! Newsflash: You have to look for them. They don’t just appear out of the blue, they are there but don’t sit around waiting for them like the weird lady in my story, you have to go out and look for them.

For example, My biggest passion is writing, I want to spend the restive my life writing, what did I do? I started my blog and I write on here whenever I can, another thing that I did which is a better example is I looked online for youth writing competitions and I found heaps, Just today I entered a 2000 word competition with a French theme which I shall post to story corner today hopefully. Anyway, I found lots of competitions and I am entering them, this is an example of looking for opportunity’s.

Sure some do just show up but others you have to look for, Take the opportunity that comes up because it could be either wonderful and make you life %100 better or it could be terrible but you would learn a lesson from it.

Life is how you make it, you create yourself, say you are very stubborn(moi) then you could turn that around by trying to be more of an easy-going person.

Make life happen’ is a term that I was always taught in school, It is something that I will take on forever and I will always try to work at it. like I said before, ‘life is how you make it’-and I’m pretty sure that there is a quote for that but you smart people and google it- and it is completely true, life is how you make it, if you want to sit on the couch watching old old episodes of Friends and Gilmore Girls (All-time Faves) then you do that and if you want to have a party have a darn party, It is up to you to do what you do. Now, I can’t just write this post and it will suddenly magically make you life life more, you have to take it into consideration and actually do something about it, just like all my posts.


Thank you very much for reading my ramble, I like to ramble and hopefully you like to read my ramble which makes us the perfect team! Please comment below what you want me to write about. Keep smiling, keep scrolling. x