I know what to say. It is just a universal rule, an ancient tradition passed on. I don’t mean to, none of us do…but sometimes something seeps out. It shows on our faces or in our actions or words. It shows people that we are not okay. “Hey are you okay?” They ask “you seem a bit down…”

We all know what to say, we are taught. “I’m fine” We say, faking a smile, covering the ugly. But what if we didn’t say that? What if we told them that we are not okay and give them all the reasons why. Because sometimes we are not okay, so why do we lie. Why do we say ‘fine’ when someone is trying to help?

I am not one to talk. I will write this blog post and try to get other people to change, spreading some kind of message whatever the hell it may be. I will encourage people to be better, accept help…but I won’t bother changing what I say. I will continue to say “fine” or “just tired” I will fake a smile. I probably won’t change but I might. One day I might just tell them. Whatever may be on my mind. So if they catch me, if they see it on my face, in my actions or hear it in my words I might tell them. But I probably won’t. It is dangerous to break the universal rule.

Dear Fat People…

It is easy to have power in the media, to be able to control what people think, Negativity id spread like wildfire. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire.

Today I saw the video…”Dear Fat People.” I have so many mixed emotions.
There are so many things I want to say the words aren’t coming properly.

It’s crazy how much power someone can have…and how easy it comes these days. There is the President, There are rich people…
But all it takes to change peoples lives for good or bad, is someone talking to a camera and posting it online, they could type it up…but all it takes is a couple of followers and the race begins. It can all spread like wildfire, and the negative spreads the most.

Some of you may be wondering what I am talking about, well, 10 moths ago (woah I am a tad late on this one) a video was uploaded to YouTube called “Dear Fat People.” In this video she claims that fat people deserve to be shamed. I am not going to leave a link to this video because this woman has gotten 12 million views on this video and is earning a mass amount of money by fat shaming. Watching this video is your choice, and your choice alone.

I watched this video and I was so angry, I felt so disgusted and horrified at the thought that someone is making thousands by making people feel this way and feeding the immoral society. I was about to share this video to my friends, I wanted to show them how disgusting this was. Then the anger stopped. I realised that shaming her wouldn’t fix the situation, shaming her and telling her my opinions wouldn’t fix it. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire. 

After I watched this video I watched another, this was by a different person. There are heaps of positive parody’s to this video, it made me realise that no matter how much negativity is in this world, there is always some positivity.

With all this being said it is equally important to address the fact that Obesity is common and does kill people. But this is no different to any other disease. This is a complety irrelevant example but imagine you have a cold some form of sickness…now imagine everyone shaming you, telling you you don’t fit in because of this….does it help? The answer is no. What does help is getting some support, people giving you the education and help you need to get you better.
Support instead of shame. 


Love everyone the way you would want to be loved.

Thank you very much for reading. I would love for you to share your opinions whatever they may be in the comments. I would just like you all to know that I do not get paid for this blog, I am not sponsored nor do I get paid for adds being put on my website, sharing this post will not benefit me or give me money. That being said please share this post and spread this message. We need to work together to accomplish a better mindset as a society.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

…It’s 1:20 am…i guess that’s when I finally start thinking…

The Mask

Just to ruin your fun on the first sentence I would like you all to know that when I talk about this mask I am not talking about the green Jim Carrey mask or anything, this is strictly metaphorical.

Everyone wheres a mask.
The put it on and off for people, change masks for other people.
The mask can automatically change with your mood, how people treat you and whether or how much you care about the situation.
Your mask hides what you really feel. Your true emotions.

What I mean by mask is that you change around other people. In a lot of situations in life this is really, really important. At a job, meeting and in class, you need to act professional and work hard. But when you change in front of people to “fit-in” or be “popular” the mask becomes poison.

Let me ask you these questions:
Does it make you happy to act differently to “fit-in”?
Do you like hanging out with these people?
Will these people change your life positively?
or are you just wearing a mask.

I like to think of myself who gave up wearing a mask. I like to think that I don’t  care about what people think. Is that true? I don’t know, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t even know if my mask is on or not. Who am I really? Maybe I try so hard to take my mask off and not care and be free that I put on a whole new mask all together. 

This is just a time in your life. These are people not judges to design your fate…let go of the mask.

True or False?

We have us.

We have our body then we have our mind.

Lots of stuff happens in our mind but mostly we focus on whats happening with our body.

We judge our size, our shape, hair, face, but we never take into consideration what is happening in our minds. A lot is happening in our minds and we never pay any attention to it.

There are rational thoughts and irrational thoughts.

True and false.

Often referred to as Anxiety.

There are the thoughts and fears that keep us from doing something stupid and there are thoughts and fears that keep us from doing something we love.

For example, Once upon a time there was Me and Me was on a camp. At the camp there was an activity, the activity was practically a pole in the air, the size of a power line pole thingy.You attach a safety vest and some ropes to you and climb up a ladder and walk across the pole. Me sat there waiting for Me’s turn. She really wanted to do it and she looked up at it thinking “You can do this this is easy”. Me was confident, even excited about the activity. She new she was capable of it. She had run, jumped and balanced across logs that were slippery and wet harder than this when they were on the ground.

Me was about to go up onto the pole, as she was climbing the ladder she suddenly stopped, she froze and said “I can’t do it”. The camp assistant was understanding, she said “it’s okay, it happens all the time.” The camp leader gave Me some time she let her go higher and hoist her down but Me couldn’t do it. Me was capable to do it, the only thing stopping her was the height. Something told her not to go up. Me wanted to and she knew she could.

This was FALSE. It was irrational. It was’t real.

You won’t be able to stop the lier the false thought telling you no but you will be able to seperate it from reality.

Next time you have a thought telling you no, detect it and see if its rational or irrational.

Real or not real.

True or false. 

Thank you for reading, keep smiling, keep scrolling.

Art that paints itself

Every morning I wake up at 6:00. Every morning I see the sun rise. The thing I love about it is that every time it is unique. Every day there is a different sunrise.

It is like a painting without an artist. The painting paints itself. Purple, red, orange, blue, pink, gray, yellow. The colours aren’t like the colours you see painted on a regular painting. These aren’t like the paints you can by at an art store. The paintings I see every morning paint themselves. They reflect on the water, the blend into each other, if I’m lucky I’ll get mist.

I could go on my phone. I could look away…but I don’t. Every morning I see a painting that paints itself. I could Google sunrises, but it’s there, right in front of me.

The most beautiful art to me is not one painted my the women and men in an art studio, although I love that, the most beautiful art to me is the art that makes itself.

The most beautiful things are right in front of you so look up. Put down your phone and admire the real world instead of the thumbprint world.

The the world with no filters, no likes, no follows. See the real world.

We spend so much time absorbed in technology that we forget that the only way we are going to be happy is to live life instead of liking, commenting and sharing other’s.

The most beautiful things are right in front of you, so look up.

Dead Dreams

There are times when I am definite. 

There are times when I feel certain. 

And there are times when I am not so sure. 

Times when I doubt. 

I doubt myself, I doubt my chances, I doubt my future. 

Sometimes I wish to decide upon another dream, one that won’t be so hard to pursue.

There are voices inside everybody’s head. Voices to tell you to give up, to stop, to quit. We let those voices make a sound. We let those voices control us. We listen to them. Most of the time we act upon the voices.

When you have a dream and a goal try your hardest, a lot of people will tell you that you can’t.

Sometimes your chances are low, and it doesn’t seem possible that you are going to make it.

I have a dream and sometimes I am definite that that’s what I want to achieve.

I have a dream and there are times when I feel certain that I can make it.

I have a dream and there are times when I am not so sure.

Times when I doubt. 

I doubt myself, I doubt my chances, I doubt my future. 

When you have a wish, a dream, a goal, don’t change it. It is you dream because it’s what you really want to do and it’s what will make you happy.

There are voices inside everybody’s head and those voices will never go away. The only thing we can do about those voices is ignore them, pretend they aren’t there. Don’t let the voices be heard. Those voices aren’t reality, they just trick you into thinking they are.

When you have a dream and a goal try your hardest, don’t let anyone tell you to quit, even yourself.

Even if your chances are low give it a go (loving the rhyme) because when you quit you have no chance.

The Internet Reality

I am doing tests in school and I realised that there is something new about this year. Halfway through the test I had a huge urge to get up and run around and talk to people and exercise. Long story cut short: The reason for this is because I am addicted to my devices (Geez, put it too them strait much). On  social medial,  I post and talk to people on there everyday, even when I am not posting on my blog I am still answering emails and working on my site. The Internet is a big part of who I am and what I do, and I never think about what it is doing to my brain. I have a short attention and focus time, simply because I spend way too much time on screens.

Obviously I am committed and dedicated to my website and I love what I do so I am not going to stop going online completely. All I want to do is make sure that I am setting my priorities right and living in the real world. I have a few strategies that I will use to stop my Internet addiction:

  • Only go online when I am either working or studying.
  • Spend only half an hour a day online doing something not work related.
  • Think about how much time I spend online and how much time I actually need to spend on there.

When I feel down or when I need to do something I go to the online world and escape. I makes me forget about reality and go in the world where everything is perfect. Like is milkshakes, views, traveling, fun, friends, perfect hair, skinny people and the weather is always good. We are all stuck in this vertial reality were everything is fake. One of my favourite things about my blog is that I can be real. I don’t put on a face or lie about how I feel. I can give advice and explain my thoughts and emotions towards the world. In my corner of the internet the world is real, buzzing with life.

I know that I can be real with you and you can be real with me. Let’s create a place on the Internet where we are ourselves, instead of being someone else.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

Some days

Some days I wanna hide in a whole.
Some days I burn my self with my coffee too early in the morning.
Some days I have cold feet.
Some days are a bad hair day.
Some days I “forgot” to do my homework.
Some days I stub my toe.
Some days I send a text to the wrong person.
Some days I can’t find the other shoe.
Some days my phone goes flat.
Some days “Sally” bet me in Monopoly.
Some days Google lies to me.
Some days Siri gets it wrong.
Some days my only jeans are too big.
Some days I loose the receipt.
Some days I run out of tooth paste.
Some days it rains.
Some days I say something stupid.
Some days don’t go as planned.
Some days the head phones decide not to work.
Some days I drop something.
Some days I am asked to repeat my perfectly mastered joke.
Some days are bad.

Some days I can’t stop smiling.
Some days people tell me I look beautiful.
Some days I get hugs.
Some days I laugh non-stop.
Some days I do things I could have never dreamed of.
Some days I get inspired.
Some days I write a book.
Some days I write down my thoughts in a journal.
Some days I just know are going to be good from the moment I wake up.
Some days I feel like I am doing everything right.
Some days I make people laugh.
Some days people comment on my blog and make me smile.
Some days I take a good Instagram (@Planetgeorgia #shamelessselfpromo).
Some days I laugh at absolutely nothing.
Some days I burst out laughing in the middle of silence about a joke said last week.
Some days I run.
Some days I listen to good songs.
Some days I go all crazy.
Some days no one knows why I can’t stop laughing.
Some days my hair is straightened.
Some days I find out that Dylan O’brien is single again.
Some days are good.

You need the bad days to make the good days more special. If everyday was good, it would be considered ordinary. Not every day is good and not everyday is bad. Why can’t we just all accept that and be there for each other through the bad days and enjoy the good days. Everyone is having a different day, When you are having a terrible day they might be having a perfect day. I can’t tell you how to stop the bad days, because I am working it out myself, but some are inevitable. I know one thing for sure, and that is that you will have more good days then bad. 

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.


Hello everybody! Today I will be writing to you about change. Here we go:

I remember a time when I wasn’t me, but I was me.

I remember a time when I smiled for different reasons, laughed at different things.

I remember a time when I had a different taste in food.

I remember a time when I didn’t fully understand all the wrongs in the world, all the wars, all the society’s errors.

I remember when I kept every item, every rock, every leaf, every school project, thinking there was some special memory or sentimental fact about it attached. 

I remember thinking there were fairy’s in my backyard.

I remember having a book of potions and fairy secrets.

I remember thinking my Teddy bears had a party without me when I was sleeping.

I remember getting my words wrong.

I remember getting frustrated because I couldn’t draw like Mummy.

I remember not being allowed to cross the road alone.

I remember earning money and never spending it.


The thing I don’t remember is when it all changed.


I don’t remember when I started having my own opinions.

I don’t remember when I started having dreams about my future, wanting to be an actress and a writer.

I don’t remember when I suddenly cared about clothes.

I don’t remember when I started doing my hair by myself.

I don’t remember when I started liking boys.

I don’t remember when I was allowed to cross the road alone.

I don’t remember when I was allowed to go out with friends.

I don’t remember when I suddenly knew about this world and it’s mistakes.

I don’t remember when I started being unique.

I don’t remember when I got green in my eyes.

I don’t remember when I realised I could sing.

I don’t remember when I started reading big books.

I don’t remember when I had to start actually thinking about exercise and healthy food.

We all change, that is certain. All I know is that I am not the person I once was.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.



Sometimes you fail.

Sometimes you fall.

Sometimes you get bullied.

Some times you wonder “Why am I here?”.

Sometimes you cry.

Sometimes your plans don’t work.

Sometimes you say things you don’t mean.

Sometimes life doesn’t work quite right.

But we have to keep going.

We have to have the bad things to make life interesting.

We have to have bad things to make the good things even more memorable.

Life is yours and yours alone.

We are on the same page, reading different books.

We have the same Sun.

The same Moon.

The same Earth.

The same World.

We are on the same team.

When a snake bites you you are supposed to suck the poison out, So suck the poison out of your life.

Maybe we all just need to accept each other.

Maybe, just maybe we can all just get along.