Autumn Look-book ft. Lucy Cox

Hello everyone! Today’s post is very different to my usual posts. I had a photoshoot with my friend Lucy (bob cut). I am nervous and exited for this post because you have only seen my face with cookies covering my eyes :). Lucy has the bob cut and I have the long red hair. All of these outfits are outfits that we would wear this Autumn. This post reveals a side of me that you have never seen before. I hope you like it. Thanks to Lucy Cox for being in this post, she is amazing and you can’t help but love her ūüôā Here we go:


IMG_2461 IMG_2463 IMG_2467 IMG_2493IMG_2487IMG_2492

IMG_2285 IMG_2278 IMG_2292IMG_2304 IMG_2338 IMG_2322

IMG_2375 IMG_2361 IMG_2386 IMG_2387 Version 2

Please comment your favourites and feedback. I will be doing a look-book every season but if you would like them more often please tell me in the comments. Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

The best way to exercise

Hello everyone! I have been getting people asking me to write Healthy Lifestyle posts and I think that is a great idea! Thank you to¬†Julia Doanol who requested for me to write a post about¬†‘The best way to exercise’¬†so here is the best way to exercise and some major tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

People exercise to achieve the ‘perfect body’. The modern view to the ‘perfect body’ is skinny. What people don’t even bother to realise is the the perfect body is a body that is healthy, a body that the person is happy in. I would like to give a few messages out to the world even if only a few thousand get them.

Don’t exercise for the ‘perfect body’, exercise for a healthy life.

Exercise in a way that makes you happy, by doing what you love and enjoy. 

Don’t let¬†others or society change the way you¬†view yourself and¬†pressure you to be a person you are not.¬†

Don’t judge your own body or¬†anyone else’s for that matter, respect yourself and others.¬†

Exercise because it’s what you need, because it’s what us as humans¬†need to do. Not because it’s what society pressured you to do.¬†You are wonderful just the way you are. Exercise today and everyday. They say 30 minutes each day so do that. Not because you want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker ¬†but because you want to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This message needs to be clear. I’m in no way telling you not to exercise, you definitely still need to exercise but change you mindset to a more positive one.

Please share this message with as many friends and family as possible. Share this on your social medias and through email, help me share this message to the world and make the society we live in a better place. Even if we just make a dent in the Sphere of negativity make the dent as big as possible because that one dent could change someones live forever.

Thank you very much for sharing and please comment voicing your opinion and again please, please share, not to promote my blog but to promote my message and please use the hashtag #Fightwithplanetgeorgia and help me make the world a better place. If you like this post and want more like it please comment so. Thank you for reading. Keep smiling, keep scrolling x

Summer hairstyles

Hello everyone! Today I give you the trending popular hairstyles for Summer. These are a few ideas for your hair this Summer and I challenge you to try something new with your style. Here we go!

  • Hair Chalk:¬†Hair chalk is big, you would have seen it everywhere last Summer and it is back for Summer 2016. I love Hair chalk, it looks good with every hairstyle and can be used in so many different creative ways.¬†Hairchalk
  • Fishtail:¬†I have just about mastered the fishtail, I love doing this and testing out different ways do it.Fishtail
  • Fishtail Milkmaid:¬†This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly easy!
    Summer hairstyles
  • French braid:¬†I love french braids, it is my favourite hairstyle!
  • Dutch braid:¬†Super easy as long as you know the french braid. I love this style because it’s super easy and super pretty.
  • Halo Braid:¬†I love the halo braid. It is probably my second favourite on this list. It takes five minutes (with practice) and looks so elegant and pretty. Also #QueenJennifer and #QueenZoe! You know it’s good when Jennifer Lawrence and Zoe Sugg are wearing it!
  • Waterfall:¬†I love Waterfall! This takes a while but is totally worth it! I love the way it looks!
  • Ombre:¬†I have always loved the Ombre look! It came in a few years ago and shall stay for 2016. This is the ultimate hair look. My favourite has always been the dark to light brown and blonde Ombre. The red Ombre came into fashion so fast it was almost overnight and I am loving that as well.

Thank you very much for reading! Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite one is and which one you plan to try. I have been using every single one of these this Summer and I wish to continue.

Warning: Try these when you have time on a weekend instead of a rush on a weekday. These take practice so try these on a weekend and then when they are mastered then wear them to school/work.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling x