I have a new Q & A for you guys! I have no words so lets skip my annoying long intro’s. Here we go:

~ Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? I sleep with them closed but I am not one of those people who cares an awful lot about the monsters in there, they are my friends.

~ Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Yes, and I always get the cute little soaps and I use the stuff for traveling, but everywhere I travel has their own shampoo & condition bottles and their own soaps so……

~ Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Actually I sleep with them tucked in at the bottom of the bed and out at my torso. The reason of this being I get cold feet really easily and I absolutely hate cold feet. I have them out at the top because it takes me ages to go to sleep and I sleep really restlessly so I move around heaps. Okay…that took ages even though no one cares about that question.

~ Have you ever stolen a street sign? Umm. Yeah. Coz apparently that’s a thing people do. It’s like, “Hey Bobby, what do you wanna do?” And Bobby says “Hmmm. You know what? Let’s steal a street sign….That’s so CoOOoOl!!!!!” And you’re like “Woah! yeah! That is so ReBelll!!!!!“. Like, Wtf am I gonna do with a street sign?! Yeah, the answer is no in case you were wondering.

~ Do you cut out coupons and then never use them? Yeah. I’m all like Woah! This is sosoosos cool! My life is like #goals! This is gonna be great. Then it gets lost at the bottom of my wallet.

~ Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Okay, so this is either die or have temporary excruciating pain….BEE’S.

~ Do you always smile for pictures? Most casual pictures with friends or if people take pictures of me but some times I do this model thing where I look away and I’m like all pretty and perfect and I pretend where there isn’t a big camera in front of my face. So “Mediocre”. Woah! I love that word! Mediocre. I have’t used that word in ages.

~ Do you ever count your steps when you walk? I waste my time on other stuff.

~ Have you ever peed in the woods? IT’S CALLED CAMPING PRINCESS! Ha lol TMI.

~ Do you still watch cartoons? Like I said, I waste my time on other stuff.

Tnx for reading. Please comment your thoughts and opinions. Have a great day. Stay in school. I dare you to smile for five minutes just because you are breathing.

Keep smiling, Keep scrolling.



Hello Everyone! Apparently these posts are very much loved, so expect more. Thank you very much @Dianna for asking all of these questions. Please check out  Dianna’s blog. Here we go:

~ What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is blue, not the primary colour blue. Blue like eyes, like the ocean, like the sky, I don’t like it on a poster or in a crayon, I like the colours in nature, the real ones. 
~ What is your main goal for this blog? To get the important messages across, and to make people feel welcome and happy at this corner of the internet.
~ What is your favourite thing to write about on your blog? I dunno….probably inspiration because it allows me to express my veiws and share them with you all.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to comment questions that you want to know about me. Keep smiling, keep scrolling.



Hello everyone! Today I have some questions that people have asked or I have found by the power of google. Shut up Georgia and get to the point! Here we go:

Something or someone you missed from your child-hood? First of all, I am still a “child” I am twelve years old but there are still plenty of things I miss from being a youngin’. I miss being free and having everyone wait on you hand and foot. I miss having nothing to be anxious about. I miss having no problems. I miss thinking that the world was peaceful.

Are you happy with your life right now? Yes I am. I am happy according to events and problems in my life. I don’t have any problems. I am still in a battle against my Anxiety.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoyed. Expect more posts coming up in near future. Keep smiling, Keep scrolling. Xx



Hello everyone! I have opened up a new category on my blog called #AskGeorgia. Every #AskGeorgia post will have a few questions that people ask me or random questions that I will answer for you and you can answer in the comments. You can use the AskGeorgia hashtag on instagram and you can comment questions for me to
answer. Okay here we go:

Have you ever danced in the rain? Yes, I have. Many times. The thing is that when it is raining I get really frustrated because it ruins my hair and makes my top see through and makes me all uncomfortable. Then I dance and it makes everything better and all my troubles go away. I. Just. Dance.

~ Rich and Ugly or Poor and Beautiful? I would prefer to be poor because I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want anyone to be rich, I just want everyone to be equal (comment if you would like a blogpost on that).

~ What was the first thought you have when you woke up this morning? I would like to be able to say something like ‘good morning world!’ Or ‘Rise and shine! Today is going to be great!’ but instead it was ‘What the heck did I just dream?!’. 

~ If you could be any age for a week what age would you be and why? I would go back to being like 2 or even 6 something along those lines. Then I could run around naked and everyone would be like ‘Oohhhh, how cute!’ and laugh instead of it being socially unacceptable for the age I am as well as for the rest of my days…..

How do you start a conversation? Well, I say hi then I ask them various questions such as ‘How was your weekend?’ and if I am meeting them then I ask questions to get to know them like ‘what’s your favourite subject?’. I find things that we have in common and I talk about them. But, the thing is with my close friends (Gang) I don’t have to try it just comes and we never end it unless we have to.

Thank you very much for reading. Please comment some questions for me. Expect more of #AskGeorgia and also I am terrible at hashtag names as you can tell so  if you have a better name for the hashtag please comment so. Keep smiling, keep scrolling x