“None of this matters”

Lately there has been a random though floating around in my brain. I don’t know why it’s there, I don’t know if it should be there. I keep thinking “None of this matters”.Why I think this I don’t understand. I don’t know how to make this thought go away and what to do with it.

Every now and then it will appear. I don’t give it permission, I don’t welcome it in. It is just there and then it goes. Just this single thought.

When I think this thought, I think, “none of this matters” It refers to life. All these little things we care about, all these little things, they don’t actually matter.

But it is like I hit the end of a road. The thought is there, then it’s gone.

Author: georgiarmg

Positive Mind blogger, writing makes me feel free and independent. I can't imagine life without my blog. I created the site as a space for people to be free. You can go here and you don't have to worry about anyone watching you, you can be real. This is my planet, my world my life, everyone has there own planet and I welcome you to mine.

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