I know what to say. It is just a universal rule, an ancient tradition passed on. I don’t mean to, none of us do…but sometimes something seeps out. It shows on our faces or in our actions or words. It shows people that we are not okay. “Hey are you okay?” They ask “you seem a bit down…”

We all know what to say, we are taught. “I’m fine” We say, faking a smile, covering the ugly. But what if we didn’t say that? What if we told them that we are not okay and give them all the reasons why. Because sometimes we are not okay, so why do we lie. Why do we say ‘fine’ when someone is trying to help?

I am not one to talk. I will write this blog post and try to get other people to change, spreading some kind of message whatever the hell it may be. I will encourage people to be better, accept help…but I won’t bother changing what I say. I will continue to say “fine” or “just tired” I will fake a smile. I probably won’t change but I might. One day I might just tell them. Whatever may be on my mind. So if they catch me, if they see it on my face, in my actions or hear it in my words I might tell them. But I probably won’t. It is dangerous to break the universal rule.

Dear Fat People…

It is easy to have power in the media, to be able to control what people think, Negativity id spread like wildfire. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire.

Today I saw the video…”Dear Fat People.” I have so many mixed emotions.
There are so many things I want to say the words aren’t coming properly.

It’s crazy how much power someone can have…and how easy it comes these days. There is the President, There are rich people…
But all it takes to change peoples lives for good or bad, is someone talking to a camera and posting it online, they could type it up…but all it takes is a couple of followers and the race begins. It can all spread like wildfire, and the negative spreads the most.

Some of you may be wondering what I am talking about, well, 10 moths ago (woah I am a tad late on this one) a video was uploaded to YouTube called “Dear Fat People.” In this video she claims that fat people deserve to be shamed. I am not going to leave a link to this video because this woman has gotten 12 million views on this video and is earning a mass amount of money by fat shaming. Watching this video is your choice, and your choice alone.

I watched this video and I was so angry, I felt so disgusted and horrified at the thought that someone is making thousands by making people feel this way and feeding the immoral society. I was about to share this video to my friends, I wanted to show them how disgusting this was. Then the anger stopped. I realised that shaming her wouldn’t fix the situation, shaming her and telling her my opinions wouldn’t fix it. We shouldn’t spread negativity to fight negativity, we should spread positivity. This can be the new wildfire. 

After I watched this video I watched another, this was by a different person. There are heaps of positive parody’s to this video, it made me realise that no matter how much negativity is in this world, there is always some positivity.

With all this being said it is equally important to address the fact that Obesity is common and does kill people. But this is no different to any other disease. This is a complety irrelevant example but imagine you have a cold some form of sickness…now imagine everyone shaming you, telling you you don’t fit in because of this….does it help? The answer is no. What does help is getting some support, people giving you the education and help you need to get you better.
Support instead of shame. 


Love everyone the way you would want to be loved.

Thank you very much for reading. I would love for you to share your opinions whatever they may be in the comments. I would just like you all to know that I do not get paid for this blog, I am not sponsored nor do I get paid for adds being put on my website, sharing this post will not benefit me or give me money. That being said please share this post and spread this message. We need to work together to accomplish a better mindset as a society.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

…It’s 1:20 am…i guess that’s when I finally start thinking…

The Mask

Just to ruin your fun on the first sentence I would like you all to know that when I talk about this mask I am not talking about the green Jim Carrey mask or anything, this is strictly metaphorical.

Everyone wheres a mask.
The put it on and off for people, change masks for other people.
The mask can automatically change with your mood, how people treat you and whether or how much you care about the situation.
Your mask hides what you really feel. Your true emotions.

What I mean by mask is that you change around other people. In a lot of situations in life this is really, really important. At a job, meeting and in class, you need to act professional and work hard. But when you change in front of people to “fit-in” or be “popular” the mask becomes poison.

Let me ask you these questions:
Does it make you happy to act differently to “fit-in”?
Do you like hanging out with these people?
Will these people change your life positively?
or are you just wearing a mask.

I like to think of myself who gave up wearing a mask. I like to think that I don’t  care about what people think. Is that true? I don’t know, sometimes. Sometimes I don’t even know if my mask is on or not. Who am I really? Maybe I try so hard to take my mask off and not care and be free that I put on a whole new mask all together. 

This is just a time in your life. These are people not judges to design your fate…let go of the mask.