The Internet Reality

I am doing tests in school and I realised that there is something new about this year. Halfway through the test I had a huge urge to get up and run around and talk to people and exercise. Long story cut short: The reason for this is because I am addicted to my devices (Geez, put it too them strait much). On  social medial,  I post and talk to people on there everyday, even when I am not posting on my blog I am still answering emails and working on my site. The Internet is a big part of who I am and what I do, and I never think about what it is doing to my brain. I have a short attention and focus time, simply because I spend way too much time on screens.

Obviously I am committed and dedicated to my website and I love what I do so I am not going to stop going online completely. All I want to do is make sure that I am setting my priorities right and living in the real world. I have a few strategies that I will use to stop my Internet addiction:

  • Only go online when I am either working or studying.
  • Spend only half an hour a day online doing something not work related.
  • Think about how much time I spend online and how much time I actually need to spend on there.

When I feel down or when I need to do something I go to the online world and escape. I makes me forget about reality and go in the world where everything is perfect. Like is milkshakes, views, traveling, fun, friends, perfect hair, skinny people and the weather is always good. We are all stuck in this vertial reality were everything is fake. One of my favourite things about my blog is that I can be real. I don’t put on a face or lie about how I feel. I can give advice and explain my thoughts and emotions towards the world. In my corner of the internet the world is real, buzzing with life.

I know that I can be real with you and you can be real with me. Let’s create a place on the Internet where we are ourselves, instead of being someone else.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

Author: georgiarmg

Positive Mind blogger, writing makes me feel free and independent. I can't imagine life without my blog. I created the site as a space for people to be free. You can go here and you don't have to worry about anyone watching you, you can be real. This is my planet, my world my life, everyone has there own planet and I welcome you to mine.

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