Sometimes you fail.

Sometimes you fall.

Sometimes you get bullied.

Some times you wonder “Why am I here?”.

Sometimes you cry.

Sometimes your plans don’t work.

Sometimes you say things you don’t mean.

Sometimes life doesn’t work quite right.

But we have to keep going.

We have to have the bad things to make life interesting.

We have to have bad things to make the good things even more memorable.

Life is yours and yours alone.

We are on the same page, reading different books.

We have the same Sun.

The same Moon.

The same Earth.

The same World.

We are on the same team.

When a snake bites you you are supposed to suck the poison out, So suck the poison out of your life.

Maybe we all just need to accept each other.

Maybe, just maybe we can all just get along.

Author: georgiarmg

Positive Mind blogger, writing makes me feel free and independent. I can't imagine life without my blog. I created the site as a space for people to be free. You can go here and you don't have to worry about anyone watching you, you can be real. This is my planet, my world my life, everyone has there own planet and I welcome you to mine.

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