3 ways to De-stress at the end of the day


Hello everyone! Today I share with you three of my favourite ways to de-stress.

  1. I don’t know about you but at the end of each day I find myself with a brain full of things to do the next day, reminders and what I forgot to do today. What I have been doing and doing every night for the past couple of months is write a To-do list for the next day listed in the order of priority so the next day you know what you need to do and you haven’t forgotten.
  2. I also like to just have a notepad and pen on my bedside table that I jot down anything that comes to mind, stressful or non stressful. Once it’s on paper I feel 100% better. Then you set a time the next day to stress about these things. What ends up happening is that you either forget to stress about these things or most likely you read them and go ‘What the heck?! Why am I so stressed about that?!’. As you can tell writing things down is on of the best things for me, it clears my head.
  3. Setting a routine is a great way to de-stress. Obviously include the necessity’s such as brush teeth, brush hair, wash face etc. But add several different things that make you calm and happy such as read, write, journal, yoga, meditate etc. Experiment and test different methods and see what works best. Another tip is try to keep a similar routine each night because then your body will know that when you read it’s time to fall asleep soon.

Please leave a comment telling me which one was your favourite and other ways you like to de-stress. These are all my de-stressing methods that I made up, I find that they work very well, tell me what you think! Keep smiling, keep scrolling x

Author: georgiarmg

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