5 ways to exercise without leaving the house

Hello everyone! So incase you haven’t noticed your a human, and humans need exercise. As well as other things like Water, food, Pizza, Ice-cream, Sushi etc. So here I have for you today 10 ways to exercise without leaving the house.

  1. Yoga, a Yoga DVD or a YouTube video is a great way to exercise and Yoga is so good for you. you can just do it in the privacy of your bedroom on your laptop (I mean watch the video on the laptop not do yoga on your laptop…)
  2. Dancing, it is my favouite way to exercise. When I do it I do it for fun, not to intentionally burn calories. Even if dancing wasn’t a form of exercise I would still do it (even if I’m not that good).
  3. Push ups, they are so great for getting stronger and so great for goal such as; be able to do 20 in two weeks etc. I really like push ups and they are so quick, just do them in the commercial breaks on TV
  4. Sit ups, I find these so much fun to do and are great if you are working for abs and stomach muscles (same thing….)
  5. Wii, The wii is great and Fit plus game is so much fun for all ages. It is perfect especially if you get bored easily because there are so many games and activities on there for you to try. It is programmed to be fun but also include the basic important areas like Balance; Cardio; Yoga; Muscle etc.

Thank you very much and be sure to leave a comment telling us what you like to do to exercise at home. The comment button is at the top of the post under the title or you can click the title which leads you to the same link, then scroll down and the commenting is all yours!

Remember to compliment someone each day and keep smiling, keep scrolling x

The best way to exercise

Hello everyone! I have been getting people asking me to write Healthy Lifestyle posts and I think that is a great idea! Thank you to Julia Doanol who requested for me to write a post about ‘The best way to exercise’ so here is the best way to exercise and some major tips to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

People exercise to achieve the ‘perfect body’. The modern view to the ‘perfect body’ is skinny. What people don’t even bother to realise is the the perfect body is a body that is healthy, a body that the person is happy in. I would like to give a few messages out to the world even if only a few thousand get them.

Don’t exercise for the ‘perfect body’, exercise for a healthy life.

Exercise in a way that makes you happy, by doing what you love and enjoy. 

Don’t let others or society change the way you view yourself and pressure you to be a person you are not. 

Don’t judge your own body or anyone else’s for that matter, respect yourself and others. 

Exercise because it’s what you need, because it’s what us as humans need to do. Not because it’s what society pressured you to do. You are wonderful just the way you are. Exercise today and everyday. They say 30 minutes each day so do that. Not because you want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker  but because you want to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This message needs to be clear. I’m in no way telling you not to exercise, you definitely still need to exercise but change you mindset to a more positive one.

Please share this message with as many friends and family as possible. Share this on your social medias and through email, help me share this message to the world and make the society we live in a better place. Even if we just make a dent in the Sphere of negativity make the dent as big as possible because that one dent could change someones live forever.

Thank you very much for sharing and please comment voicing your opinion and again please, please share, not to promote my blog but to promote my message and please use the hashtag #Fightwithplanetgeorgia and help me make the world a better place. If you like this post and want more like it please comment so. Thank you for reading. Keep smiling, keep scrolling x


Hello everyone! I have opened up a new category on my blog called #AskGeorgia. Every #AskGeorgia post will have a few questions that people ask me or random questions that I will answer for you and you can answer in the comments. You can use the AskGeorgia hashtag on instagram and you can comment questions for me to
answer. Okay here we go:

Have you ever danced in the rain? Yes, I have. Many times. The thing is that when it is raining I get really frustrated because it ruins my hair and makes my top see through and makes me all uncomfortable. Then I dance and it makes everything better and all my troubles go away. I. Just. Dance.

~ Rich and Ugly or Poor and Beautiful? I would prefer to be poor because I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want anyone to be rich, I just want everyone to be equal (comment if you would like a blogpost on that).

~ What was the first thought you have when you woke up this morning? I would like to be able to say something like ‘good morning world!’ Or ‘Rise and shine! Today is going to be great!’ but instead it was ‘What the heck did I just dream?!’. 

~ If you could be any age for a week what age would you be and why? I would go back to being like 2 or even 6 something along those lines. Then I could run around naked and everyone would be like ‘Oohhhh, how cute!’ and laugh instead of it being socially unacceptable for the age I am as well as for the rest of my days…..

How do you start a conversation? Well, I say hi then I ask them various questions such as ‘How was your weekend?’ and if I am meeting them then I ask questions to get to know them like ‘what’s your favourite subject?’. I find things that we have in common and I talk about them. But, the thing is with my close friends (Gang) I don’t have to try it just comes and we never end it unless we have to.

Thank you very much for reading. Please comment some questions for me. Expect more of #AskGeorgia and also I am terrible at hashtag names as you can tell so  if you have a better name for the hashtag please comment so. Keep smiling, keep scrolling x

Summer hairstyles

Hello everyone! Today I give you the trending popular hairstyles for Summer. These are a few ideas for your hair this Summer and I challenge you to try something new with your style. Here we go!

  • Hair Chalk: Hair chalk is big, you would have seen it everywhere last Summer and it is back for Summer 2016. I love Hair chalk, it looks good with every hairstyle and can be used in so many different creative ways. Hairchalk
  • Fishtail: I have just about mastered the fishtail, I love doing this and testing out different ways do it.Fishtail
  • Fishtail Milkmaid: This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly easy!
    Summer hairstyles
  • French braid: I love french braids, it is my favourite hairstyle!
  • Dutch braid: Super easy as long as you know the french braid. I love this style because it’s super easy and super pretty.
  • Halo Braid: I love the halo braid. It is probably my second favourite on this list. It takes five minutes (with practice) and looks so elegant and pretty. Also #QueenJennifer and #QueenZoe! You know it’s good when Jennifer Lawrence and Zoe Sugg are wearing it!
  • Waterfall: I love Waterfall! This takes a while but is totally worth it! I love the way it looks!
  • Ombre: I have always loved the Ombre look! It came in a few years ago and shall stay for 2016. This is the ultimate hair look. My favourite has always been the dark to light brown and blonde Ombre. The red Ombre came into fashion so fast it was almost overnight and I am loving that as well.

Thank you very much for reading! Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite one is and which one you plan to try. I have been using every single one of these this Summer and I wish to continue.

Warning: Try these when you have time on a weekend instead of a rush on a weekday. These take practice so try these on a weekend and then when they are mastered then wear them to school/work.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling x





3 ways to De-stress at the end of the day

Hello everyone! Today I share with you three of my favourite ways to de-stress.

  1. I don’t know about you but at the end of each day I find myself with a brain full of things to do the next day, reminders and what I forgot to do today. What I have been doing and doing every night for the past couple of months is write a To-do list for the next day listed in the order of priority so the next day you know what you need to do and you haven’t forgotten.
  2. I also like to just have a notepad and pen on my bedside table that I jot down anything that comes to mind, stressful or non stressful. Once it’s on paper I feel 100% better. Then you set a time the next day to stress about these things. What ends up happening is that you either forget to stress about these things or most likely you read them and go ‘What the heck?! Why am I so stressed about that?!’. As you can tell writing things down is on of the best things for me, it clears my head.
  3. Setting a routine is a great way to de-stress. Obviously include the necessity’s such as brush teeth, brush hair, wash face etc. But add several different things that make you calm and happy such as read, write, journal, yoga, meditate etc. Experiment and test different methods and see what works best. Another tip is try to keep a similar routine each night because then your body will know that when you read it’s time to fall asleep soon.

Please leave a comment telling me which one was your favourite and other ways you like to de-stress. These are all my de-stressing methods that I made up, I find that they work very well, tell me what you think! Keep smiling, keep scrolling x

Ten ways to make your room unique


Hello everyone! This post is focused on decor and making a room look unique, stylish and most importantly you. These are just some small things to add that cosy at-home feeling to a plain room as well as adding some of your personality.

  • Books, Your favourite books that you have read or want to read. This add personality and taste to your room.In my room I have about six book shelves, my main one is on my built-in shelf above my bed and my most used one is on my bedside table where I keep one or two of my favourites, the book I’m currently reading and the book I am reading next.
  • Colours, Colours is what makes up a room, for example my favourite colours are Aqua and Turquoise blue and Pink. In my room I have those colours along with many others. I make my room as happy, calm and organised as I possibly can because at this stage in my life that’s what I need.
  • Photography, Your own photography that you love, for example I took the most beautiful photo above the clouds on my trip and people think that I stole it off the internet, I don’t want to post it on my blog I don’t think because people can easily just steal the photo but I want to get it printed out on Canvas and put it in my room.
  • Your art, One or two of your favourite art pieces that you have done.
  • DIY’s, Do some DIY’s to make your room unique, I have three big paper pom-poms, my inspo board and paper chains.
  • Fairy Lights, This is probably one of my favourites, add fairy lights to your room, my favourite place is near my bed.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day! Keep smiling, keep scrolling. x


Fashion trends 2016

Hello everyone! I have never done a fashion post so you wouldn’t know but I am quite the fashionista myself and I always have been. This is a list of clothing Items and accessories that I have that I know you will love, all of these are 2016 trends. So here are the looks that have been trending ready for you in 2016! Okay here we go:

  • Bandannas:
     First things first, the 70’s are comin’ back! Bandana’s, Jumpsuits, the lot. It’s all coming back and trending rapidly.
    Bandanna’s give you the excuse of not having to to your hair….;)
  • Jumpsuits:
    First of all *clears throat* OMFG THIS KID IS CUTE AF!!!!!!! Anyway, Jumpsuits are back and seems to me like they won’t ever go away again the way people love em’.Korean-Kids-Clothes-Girls-Fashion-Summer-Floral-Jumpsuits-for-New-2015-Ruffles-Children-Cotton-Casual-Pants
  • Floppy hat: 
    Floppy hats are practically a ‘all season round’ trend and paired with the right accessories they make the outfit look casual-but-chick.


  • Black denim:
    Black denim is worn in jackets, jeans and even accessories.
  • White wash denim: 
    White wash is another major denim trend, it is the most popualar one in the lot.images
  • Acid wash denim:
    Another denim wash that is quite popualar, not as popualar as white wash but a trend all the same.5d9dbc9b701b3f10b4736698b6d75cd3
  • Floral: From clothes to accessories floral and floral patterns are coming and staying. There are billions of different floral patterns that people are loving. Also another 70’s fashion example. images
  • Tee dresses: Tee dresses are the most recent thing on this list, they are comfortable, fashionable, casual, chick and best of all LAZY! Especially the striped one below that is everywhere also the basket baller Tee are the most polar ones, I love them because there are heaps of different ways to wear them and they look great!
    yeni-moda-kadın-spor-elbise-siyah-beyaz-printted-86-amerikan-beyzbol-tee-t-shirt-başında-kesim 1436343914_blist8004
  • Tea dresses: Yes, I know, we just has ‘Tee’ dresses but as you will find they are completely different. This is my favourite one in this whole list, this is very British fashion which I love. I love Tea dresses so much they are so beautiful and elegant but yet can be made casual. Take a look.
    images-1 Unknown images
  • Overals?! This one has always been a surprise but they somehow mad the traditional farmers clothing into a modern casual piece.
  • High waisted: Practically High-waisted anything. From skirts, to jeans, to shorts, it’s in. The main fashion is wearing a high-waisted item as the bottom then pairing it with a crop-top.
    Unknown-1 Unknown
  • Croptops: I don’t need to say much about these because you already know about them because how could u not? They are the biggest trend but I feel as though soon they will be gone as new things come in but who knows? 

Well, that leaves us to an end of the post, I hope you enjoyed! I have got lots of other idea’s to grow our fashion category, please comment what is your favourite and how you like to wear it! keep smiling, keep scrolling x


Take on every given opportunity

Hello everyone! Today I write to you about opportunity’s.

You may or may not realise it but you have many opportunity’s before you, If you are reading this right now you are very lucky, you obviously have access to free Wi-fi, you obviously have a bed and you obviouely have food. Most of the time we want all of these opportunity’s to show up, because in out heads that’s what we think will make us happy. Then we get upset because these opportunity’s have not shown up, well guess what?! Newsflash: You have to look for them. They don’t just appear out of the blue, they are there but don’t sit around waiting for them like the weird lady in my story, you have to go out and look for them.

For example, My biggest passion is writing, I want to spend the restive my life writing, what did I do? I started my blog and I write on here whenever I can, another thing that I did which is a better example is I looked online for youth writing competitions and I found heaps, Just today I entered a 2000 word competition with a French theme which I shall post to story corner today hopefully. Anyway, I found lots of competitions and I am entering them, this is an example of looking for opportunity’s.

Sure some do just show up but others you have to look for, Take the opportunity that comes up because it could be either wonderful and make you life %100 better or it could be terrible but you would learn a lesson from it.

Life is how you make it, you create yourself, say you are very stubborn(moi) then you could turn that around by trying to be more of an easy-going person.

Make life happen’ is a term that I was always taught in school, It is something that I will take on forever and I will always try to work at it. like I said before, ‘life is how you make it’-and I’m pretty sure that there is a quote for that but you smart people and google it- and it is completely true, life is how you make it, if you want to sit on the couch watching old old episodes of Friends and Gilmore Girls (All-time Faves) then you do that and if you want to have a party have a darn party, It is up to you to do what you do. Now, I can’t just write this post and it will suddenly magically make you life life more, you have to take it into consideration and actually do something about it, just like all my posts.


Thank you very much for reading my ramble, I like to ramble and hopefully you like to read my ramble which makes us the perfect team! Please comment below what you want me to write about. Keep smiling, keep scrolling. x

2016 and how we’re gonna make it a good one!

Hello everyone! Happy 2016! This is my first 2016 post so lets make it about 2016!….makes sense doesn’t it…..
Okay on with the post:

  1. Look forward to things: Okay so this one is one of my favourites, practically what you do is you plan events and things to look forward to, it may be that in three days time you are having a sleepover with your BFF or it may be that in three months time you are going travelling with your BFF, whatever it is make sure you look forward to it, it may even be you are looking forward to the book you are starting to read or the movie you are going to get.
  2. Make New Years Resolutions: Make New Years Resolutions and stick to them for more help I have recently written a post called goals and how to achieve them . I have made five goals for the new year and I plan to work on and achieve all of them.
  3. Enjoy everyday as it comes: Everyday is a gift so use the gift wisely and carefully, treasure each day and enjoy each moment you have.
  4. Less procrastination: In fact this is one of my five New years resolutions, I will just say to myself: “you are going to do this and get it done, then you can read that book that you really wanna read or whatever..” Okay that was real smooth Georgia, real smooth.
  5. Say I love you: You really do love them so tell them, your Mum and you Dad, your brother and you sister, tell them that you love them.

Okay that’s it for now, see you in my next post! Thanks for reading, Keep smiling, keep scrolling.