Five things to do with your family this Christmas ~ Blogmas 

Hello everyone! I would just like everyone to acknowledge that it is Christmas Eve!! Yyayay! As I have mentioned in my previous Blogmas posts Christmas is about family and giving so this post is about family, here we go:

  1. Xmas sing-along, I know that my family and I are huge fans of Christmas songs and it is so much fun! 
  2. Bake, This is self-explanatory, yesterday we made yum-yum balls, the day before we all made a gingerbread house and today we made gingerbread people.
  3. Christmas films, this is also self-explanatory, practically sit on a couch with your family and watch ELF! 
  4. Plan Christmas together,  this doesnt take much just over dinner ask what your family members want to do for Christmas, so that everyone decides together what you want to do as a family this year.
  5. Secret Santa, I have never tried this before with my family but I have done it with my feiends and it it the best thing ever. Practially you put all the names in a cup and you each take one out and don’t tell anyone who you got then you give a present to the person that you got. It is alot of fun!

Thank you very much! I am very excited for Christmas tomorrow! Keep smiling, keep scrolling😘😝😜

Author: georgiarmg

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