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Hello everyone! If you have been hiding under a rock and haven’t noticed that it is the 21st of December then same on you! It is almost Christmas and it is also the time   were we start getting ready for the new year and plan and list our New Years Resolutions. So today I have for you here ‘Goals and how to achieve them’.
I have always been very independent and always thinking up ways that I can improve myself, every year I list about 50 resolutions and in the first month I forget them, pointless right? Well this year I am thinking through it more and it shall be way way more realistic, I haven’t yet figured out my resolutions but I have a few ideas.  I just had a salad and now I have garlic breath….Anyway, lets get on with the post:

  • First of all my number one tip is to give yourself a realistic goal, think up three or five good ones for you, having a smaller number makes it more realistic and achievable. 
  • Don’t copy anyone else’s, your goals are what you really think you need to work on to improve, unless they are perfect for you and you think it would be a great goal for you. 
  • Make a reminder, one thing that I came up with is to make a print, what I mean by this is make something with the list of your goals on it, make it on a computer and make it pretty and visually appealing, I shall post mine when I make it, you can also draw it and make it very artsy and creative, this will also make you more inspired to do it. 
  • Take it step by step, breaking habits is very hard and you won’t be able to do it strait away, so take it step by step and contribute everyday to make this goal a reality.
  • I really like this one and think it is very vital and important, Don’t beat yourself up, like I said ‘breaking habits is very hard and you won’t be able to do it strait away’ so don’t beat yourself up for failure because failure is part of the mission (quote on quote right there). Just pick yourself back up gently and try, try again (I am doing really well with the quotes here). 
  • Don’t be mean, Don’t tell yourself that you are not good enough, that you need to be better, tell yourself that you have room to improve in some areas and you will try to make yourself the best you can be.

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First of all the coUlors!!! Livvy you would really love me for this!xx
Anyway I really hoped you enjoyed! Leave a comment telling me your new years resolutions, once I make mine I will post them along with my print:)
Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

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