20 things to do in summer break ~ Blogmas

Hello everyone! OMG!!!! Christmas in three sleeps! Yay! I promise I am not dead it’s just it has been the busiest time ever and now that it is holiday I can definitely relax a tad more and more blog posts coming’ up! Okay lets get on with the junk:

  1. Read a magazine, my favourite magazine is DOLLY, I have a subscription to it and I love it so much, if you are in the teen age group then this would be perfect for you!
  2. Read, next year I am studying the novel ‘PEAK’ ~ Roland Smith and I looked into it and it seemed really cool and different so I decided to read it in the holidays and I am also reading ‘The Maze Runner’ ~ James Dashner which is also amazing actually I am on to the second book in the series and it is amazing. 
  3. Watch a movie, sit back, relax and watch a movie.
  4. Randomly start doing sit-ups, why?! meh, You’re bored plus hello abs! 
  5. Re-organise your room, I love doing this! I am the kind of person who finds this so much fun, you don’t have to go all out with your whole room you can just do your desk.
  6. Clean! Yup you are that bored, clean your room, vacuum, do something for your mum, organise and tidy your bathroom, any space you have that could be cleaned, do it.
  7. Contemplate life, nothing much to say really, just sit on your bed and contemplate life….
  8. Invent a recipe, even if you fail you still invented a recipe….
  9. Make a healthy snack, invent it or google it or whatever, I think that is #blogspo right there, I shall make a post about that. 
  10. Make a vlog, nothing much to say just video yourself and pretend you are talking to someone because who knows? When you become famous you might publicise it. 
  11. Plan something, It might be that you plan your trip to Paris that is gonna happen in five years time, a family road trip, your B’day party (even if it is in like 9 months), a sleepover, a day out with the gang, a catch-up, a vacation. Anything, even if it doesn’t end up happening it will still be so much fun. 
  12. Have a Granny nap….
  13. Memorise the lyrics to your favourite song, Tailor Swift! 
  14. Make a random home video, even if you just keep it for the cringes or if you delete it afterwards it is always so much fun especially with a friend.
  15. Clean out your closet, and while you’re at it donate some clothes to charity, there are billions out there who need them so so much more than you do. 
  16. Bake, click here for my favourite choc-chip cookie recipe (plus I invented the recipe myself;)
  17. Do a DIY! Also another post I should do these holidays.
  18. Go for a walk, it is the best thing for both your mental and physical health.
  19. Jornal, If you don’t already have one then start one, they are brilliant for your mental health, help you to de-stress and are perfect for keeping memories that you will read and look back on when you are old and wrinkly. 
  20. Build a fort! Get out your cosy blankets, cushions, fairy lights, chairs and built a fort. They are so much fun to make and are brilliant to hide from the world for reading, scrolling on planetgeorgia.net, and doing your weird stuff in. 

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you liked these and decided to do them yourself. Keep in mind that I probably just saved your life from dying of boredom so be sure to comment which one you liked the best.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

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