Three positive things you can do to make a perfect Christmas  ~ Blogmas 

Hello everyone! I hope you are having the most wonderful day today! 

In case you haven’t noticed it is December- you been hiding under a rock or something?!- and I am in the Christmas Spirit! Acctually I have been since November  *cough cough- Now is my favourite time of the year and I really want to share it with all of you! Okay enough talking walking (Acctually I am lieing on my bed I just needed something to rhyme so I sounded cool)  Lets get in with the post, enjoy! 

  1. Don’t add rules, Christmas is Christmas and it shouldn’t have rules, you don’t need rules like ‘Martha shall have the first slice of Xmas ham, then Grandpa second, then Aunt Judy the third…..etc. and that is how it shall happen every other Christmas of out lives!’ Okay that was a terrible example but you get the point- I hope. 
  2. Don’t rush things, Okay sometimes this one is hard because sometime you really need to get to Marges’ house and you need to rush but I mean like, when you are doing presents just let everyone be relaxed and chilled (or screaming their head off with all the excitement like moi)  and let everyone have fun and nit stick to a strict schedule even if you are a control freak like me
  3. Create a all new family tradition, So this is definalty optional so you don’t have to stay up all night worrying about this but if you think of something that your family can do as a tradition then go for it and tell them, like I think it would be great if as a tradition every member of the family can put the star on the top of the tree. So don’t be afraid to add to the family fun and who knows it might go down for generations.

Okay that’s all of my blab for today, please comment what you thi k and if you have ever done these things before, What you are going to do to make Christmas better in 2015 or if you can think of anything else to make the perfect Christmas this year.

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