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Hello everyone! Before I get into all of this blab I am proud to announce that his December I shall be doing ‘blogmas’, I don’t really know how this is going to work because it is that time of e year when I have about a million things to stress about and I don’t want my blog to add to the list, when I started this blog I promised myself that I would not ever get stressed about it so I don’t want to break that now, I think I will just do as many posts as I can this December, I can’t do it everyday but I can do it three times a week. My aim for Blogmas is to post three times a week at least, I apologise in advance if this doesn’t go according to plan but I shall do my best. I am also proud to say that I have about ten full pages of blog post ideas, I write things down before I go to sleep and I carry around notebooks and blog post ideas were everywhere (literally, they where everywhere, like in all my notebooks, in my pockets etc.) also I did a massive brainstorm so yeah, There will be no ‘writers block’ for me (no inspo, not knowing what to write about) although I know that I never have had a writers block and I never will. Okay now onto the blab:

 Today I am writing to you to give you this message that everyone has a  talent.  My wornderful teacher has given me a book It’s your WORLD ~ Chelsea Clinton and on the first day of starting it, on the 45th page I have learnt a lot already but my favourite thing is this: 

  “Talent and intelegence is equally distributed across the world, but opportunity isn’t” 

What this means is that we all have a talent but we don’t all have the opportunity, like someone living in poverty may have a wonderful way of words but I have my blog, I can write story’s, I go to school and I get the best education that there is to expand my talent, but they mint not even know that they have this talent because they don’t have the opportunity to even try. She said that ‘There is no difference between the dreams of people living under a tarp, in a shack or in a rural mud hutto your dreams and mine, to you and me’. 

We are luck enough to get a roof over our heads, a bed, full tummys, an education at school, books… If you are reading this now you are in the wealthiest 20% of the world whether you believe it or not. 

This book has already made me get going already, I am spreading the message with my blog. Everyone has talent, express yours in anyway possible and be grateful for the world you live in.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoy blogmas! Most of the posts will be about Christmas but some will be like this. 

Thank you, keep smiling, keep scrolling.☺️

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