Our talents ~ Blogmas

Hello everyone! Before I get into all of this blab I am proud to announce that his December I shall be doing ‘blogmas’, I don’t really know how this is going to work because it is that time of e year when I have about a million things to stress about and I don’t want my blog to add to the list, when I started this blog I promised myself that I would not ever get stressed about it so I don’t want to break that now, I think I will just do as many posts as I can this December, I can’t do it everyday but I can do it three times a week. My aim for Blogmas is to post three times a week at least, I apologise in advance if this doesn’t go according to plan but I shall do my best. I am also proud to say that I have about ten full pages of blog post ideas, I write things down before I go to sleep and I carry around notebooks and blog post ideas were everywhere (literally, they where everywhere, like in all my notebooks, in my pockets etc.) also I did a massive brainstorm so yeah, There will be no ‘writers block’ for me (no inspo, not knowing what to write about) although I know that I never have had a writers block and I never will. Okay now onto the blab:

 Today I am writing to you to give you this message that everyone has a  talent.  My wornderful teacher has given me a book It’s your WORLD ~ Chelsea Clinton and on the first day of starting it, on the 45th page I have learnt a lot already but my favourite thing is this: 

  “Talent and intelegence is equally distributed across the world, but opportunity isn’t” 

What this means is that we all have a talent but we don’t all have the opportunity, like someone living in poverty may have a wonderful way of words but I have my blog, I can write story’s, I go to school and I get the best education that there is to expand my talent, but they mint not even know that they have this talent because they don’t have the opportunity to even try. She said that ‘There is no difference between the dreams of people living under a tarp, in a shack or in a rural mud hutto your dreams and mine, to you and me’. 

We are luck enough to get a roof over our heads, a bed, full tummys, an education at school, books… If you are reading this now you are in the wealthiest 20% of the world whether you believe it or not. 

This book has already made me get going already, I am spreading the message with my blog. Everyone has talent, express yours in anyway possible and be grateful for the world you live in.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoy blogmas! Most of the posts will be about Christmas but some will be like this. 

Thank you, keep smiling, keep scrolling.☺️

Kindness is like a boomerang:

Boomerang description: if you don’t live in Australia then you may not know what a boomerang is, a boomerang is a v-like shaped frisbee. You throw it just like you would a frisbee and if you are a good shot then it should come right back to where you are standing-or in face….(if you have any experience with a boomerang then you will know how hard they are to throw-let alone get to come back..) This is why I say ‘kindness is like a boomerang’ Ps. if this turns into a #insta #tumblr #pinterest worthy quote then give me all credit coz I did make it up on the spot(modesty is life).

Hello everyone! I feel very strongly that this post relates to my previous post ‘the small acts of kindness are the biggest’ because that post was about small acts of kindness and how they effect people and I mentioned this topic there as well, but here we shall go further into it.

When you show a small act of kindness (smiling, waving, holding the door open etc.) the other person realises or appreciates what a lovely, polite and humble personality you have so they try to do the same in return and when they do that you want to be nicer to them which starts a whole chain of kindness and positivity.

If you compliment someone then they will show gratitude and not only will you feel really awesome for being so nice, they will feel absolutely amazing for whatever reason you complimented them. This in effect will make your friendship stronger or you will go from acquaintances to friends in seconds (lol, I am advertising kindness). They will be thankful and want to return the favour- like I said a ‘chain reaction’.

I am a person who believes in Karma (yup, on it, blog post coming right up – okay maybe not that soon…give me a few weeks…) and I believe that what goes around comes around, If you throw your kindness boomerang around then it will come back and hit you in the face (was going well there for a moment) Okay lets try again:

If you throw your kindness boomerang around with care then it will come back and land in your hand (not in your face..) 

Okay that was the best I’ve got.
I may have gotten a tad side-tracked but I hope you learnt a valuable lesson whilst I typed away trying to get to the point. Okay, better go to bed now.. I think my craziness happens x2 when I am tired…
OMG! just got a little excited moment (when I squeal and jump up and down-was awkward because I am sitting at my desk- and no-one else knows why)

Tnx for reading! I really need to get some rest now.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling. Xx

The small acts of kindness are the biggest:

Hello everyone!! I hope your day has been the best one ever and if not be sure to let my blog cheer you up!
Recently I have noticed that in everyday life the small acts of kindness are always the biggest.
Something that my wonderful teachers have taught me is something called the one percenters, this is that time you smiled at mum, you made her day one percent better. If you think about it one percent it a lot, you might think “one percent?! That’s hardly anything!” but imagine if we thought like that thinking it doesn’t matter so why bother, but if you show ten tiny acts of kindness  to your mum then that makes her day ten percent better, don’t leave it to other people you do it, also you might find that what goes around comes around and they will return the favour.

When you smile at someone, it takes so little effort but it has the best emotional outcome for both the giver and the receiver, It warms up your day when someone smiles at you whether you know them or not, it makes you feel so warm inside knowing that just because you smiled at someone you made them feel an awful lot better. This shows that small acts of kindness are the biggest.

When you hold the door open for someone it takes so little effort but it makes them feel welcomed whether you know them or not. This shows that small acts of kindness are the biggest.

When you tell a joke it just takes about five seconds of your time but it makes people laugh (or if they are anything like me then they will crack up for ages no matter how corny it is), it makes peoples day just that tiny bit better. This shows that small acts of kindness are the biggest.

When you say please or thank you it doesn’t take much but it shows the other person just how grateful and polite you are and makes them feel happy that they have done something good for you. This shows that the small acts of kindness are the biggest.  

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Please comment below what you are going to do to give someone a ‘one percent’  to their day and show small acts or kindness.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling. Xx



Dear diary,

 Beautiful sunsets occupy my view. Upcoming summer days and hot hot weather. Today was amazing. So many positives for my #365challenge. Book life is great and exiting blog surprises for you all coming soon! Stress has been getting worse but I am doing thing to try and control it.
Getting to the end of the year and starting to bring in the emotions: Fear, terrified, anxious , excited ,nervous and weird emotions that can’t be said in words in the human language, all of these are all at once and that itself brings in a new emotion, overwhelm .

Anyway, am trying to think of the positives and actually even though this is something that is big and scary there are lots and lots of positives.

I had a lovely day and a lovely week and having a lovely year and a wonderfull life.

Xx Planetgeorgia





Dear diary,

I have really enjoyed blogging and have found new blogs by girls close to my age and have similar interests. Today I ill so I stayed home from school. I wrote blog post and read others blogs but even with all of the blog excitement I would still prefer to be with my friends and having fun. I really wish that I wasn’t ill but every winter I do and I have been blessed in the fact that this Spring I am also sick, It’s just a common cold so it’s nothing to worry about but I still find myself stressing….I really don’t understand why I do it to myself…

Last night I finished ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg and I am definitely extremely in a  ‘book coma’ where I am always thinking and day dreaming about the book. I am now reading ‘Scorch Trials’ which is in the Maze Runner series and it is definitely a thriller, it is junta creepy in an awesome way. In about a week ‘Girl Online On Tour’ is coming so I am really exited!

My blog is growing sososo much and that gives me something that makes me happy just thinking about!

I have asked a couple of great friends that I asked ‘what do you want to read about in my diary post?’ and they said ‘write about where you think you will be in Insert years here:_____________ So here I am!

Where do I see myself in 10 years from now??? 

I see me having successfully published and written a novel, Continuing the journey of blog, controlling my Anxiety, No more stress, working as a teacher, community of blog grown, fulfilled most of ‘bucket list’ and living someplace near where my home is now where my current home is; relaxing and beautiful.

Thank you very much for reading my quick update to you on where my life is right now. I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment what you think and any recommendations of some books that you think I may just possibly like.

Xx Planetgeorgia






Dear diary,

Here we are, yayayayayyayay! I am so happy to be writing to you!

Tuesday! Tuesday was my birthday! I woke up at 6:20(my record) and after staying in bed for fifteen minutes I couldn’t handle it anymore so I got out of bed and woke everyone who wasn’t up up. As the family tradition goes my family go no the bed sang me happy birthday and took in turns giving me my presents. I got a bike, some sketching stuff, some jewellery, a bag, lots and lots of books, an awesome beach towel(watermelon!) just to name a few. My favourite present was the one my Dad gave me, he bought me the domain name! It is so awesome and sounds so cool! Now I can just say: “Planetgeorgia.net”!

Even though I love my presents, that wasn’t the highlight about my day….The highlight of my day was waking up and everyone coming running to wish me happy birthday and have a family hug, when we all sat at my Mum and Dads bed, when I walked into school(yes, I had a school birthday, I loved it and I’m very glad that it was what it was) and everyone greeting me to wish me happy birthday, when my friends and I sat on the oval, when the girls won the game of flags!, when I went for a bike ride, when I was smiling throughout the whole day, when surprised my class with a cake and they all sang me happy birthday, when they all enjoyed and complimented the cake. These moments were the highlights, seeing everyone at school, spending the day with my friends and family….that was my birthday gift.

On Wednesday we were all insanely excited about my birthday party that night! All day we went up to each other doing an excited squeal. we spent the whole day together and have a wonderful time. By the time it was sometime we all took our bags to the school girls bathrooms and got changed, organised our hair (thanks for the help Livvy!) and added some bling. We came out looking like rock stars and people were just there looking at us like “woah” Popularity tip: Have a birthday party, invite ur gal gang, get changed in the girls bathroom, come out like Beyonce and you get all the attention.

When we got to my house we went in my room put the-many-bags away. The first thing we did was go to the lounge room for presents (seems like they were even more excited than I was) and they took in turns to give me there presents, They all know me so well that they all got me the perfect gifts!(apparently going to school with someone for seven years-or is it eight-you kinda get to know them….really really well…..) Then we quickly decided to go outside to the trampoline to play the “Bean Boozled” challenge. It was really hard to decide where to sit and do it because we had to be cautious of vomit(….). Of course the first one I got was boogie-the “bean boozed” god really doesn’t like me very much. I got blended with ‘Tutti fruity”, “Juicy Pear” “rotten egg” and “canned dog food.” What a lovely party game! We had an awesome afternoon tea (tnx Mum) of liquorice all-sorts, pizza scrolls(my fave), fairy cupcakes(yes,it is a thing, Mum got the fairy chef to help her make them that’s why they are so amazing), a fruit platter (seems like my gang likes Pineapple) and Salt and Vinegar chips(also fave). After this we did piñata! And I was first and I guess it was a light piñata got it in one hit! All the lollies came flying out and we had to search all over the garden to find some hidden ones! Upcoming funny part warning: We lay them over the deck railing and because we are sensible and mature, we all count ‘one’ then grab a lollie to put in our lollie bags in unison,we get to about sixteen (a darn lot of lollies in that piñata!) when we just give up and grab the ones nearest to us. So it was about 70% fair…..

The next thing that we did was do a photoshoot! Thanks to Mum (the best Mum in the world Btw. I know you think that your Mum is but that’s a lie because it’s mine.) for taking the pics, they are awesome! We were already dolled up so all we had to do was pose and smile. We got really creative with what photos we took and where and how we pose. We took heaps with us all on the trampoline ( took ages to get one that was all of us in the air because we all have a tendency to jump at different times even though we all counted to three in unison.

When it was time for dinner we were all tired and full. We went back to my room to play a game then we came back to have cake I was so full that I had a tiny bite of my wonderful cake then put it in the fridge. We played some games as people were one by one leaving. It was really sad seeing them all leave but for some reason I was really really happy that we had had that time together. It’s like that quote by Dr. Seuss “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened”.

The next day I woke up feeling really happy and positive, like I was ready for what ever the day could throw at me. I had cake for breakfast(possibly the reason for my optimism) and I really loved it, This was the cake that I didn’t eat last night so I went into my Mums room and gave her a hug and complimented her cake.

I had a lazy morning and stayed in bed reading. After a long while I made myself a tea and sat down at my blog. I checked my stats and was really happy and excited at what I saw. That day I also went for a bike ride with my new bike and wrote blog posts.

The next day was pretty much the same. If you were wondering why I was home of a Thursday and a Friday it is because God blessed me with a long weekend on the days after my birthday, in effect giving me an unbelievably awesome week. This day I did go out for lunch with my family, I had a Chicken In Filo for the first time and I really loved it! One thing that I also did which seemed like a great idea at the time was ask everyone for their lemons. We had some lemonade and even though it was already artificially flavoured lemon I just had to fill the cup with more lemons…..it tasted amazing! Until I stopped drinking….my mouth was really sour and I think I did something to my tongue because even today it still feels weird.

The next two days were the same practically..on both days I went outside to take some photos. This is the photo that I took and uploaded it as my current ‘Header Image” I really love this photo.


I have done a post on the 365 challenge and on the Saturday I started writing them in a notebook given to me on my birthday. I have done two days of it and already they make me feel happy and wanting to read back the positivity! I really love doing it ands funnily enough it keeps me positive throughout the whole day because through the day I try to notice the little things to write them down at the end of the day. It makes me notice things that I normally would just take for granted and gives me a better view on things. I definitely recommend doing the challenge if you wish for more optimism in your mind.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Xx Planetgeorgia


A dark cloud gone away:

Hello everyone!

I have had what I call a ‘poisonous person’ in my life. She didn’t use to be like this but now that we are separated she has started getting jealous and mean and bitchy. She has been cyber bullying me and calling me nasty names and won’t leave me alone.

This was going on for months without anyone but me and her knowing. It would make me feel sick, at one point a panic attack and made me feel bad about myself. Honestly I believe in Karma but this was different, I had done nothing wrong at all and all I was ever doing to her was being nice, she calls my blog stupid and makes fun of what I do. Jealousy had driven her to a point where she was bullying others. I don’t understand what I did wrong. I gave up so much for her.

I wasn’t spending time with my friend group instead I was spending time with her.

This person was a dark cloud in my life when we were separated and she did this, and now she is a dull cloud and further away, a dark cloud that lies in the skies in the corner of my mind. The reason for this is I spoke up. I told my Mum. She knew something was wrong but I just said ‘nothing’ honestly I didn’t want to bother her but now I realise that it bothered her more in me not telling her then to let her help. I told her and we read through the conversations together, we blocked her and she is still trying to contact me saying nasty comments but I don’t read it, I just block, block, block. This cloud is out and now in my emotional sky there is more room for happiness and clear skies than Anxiety. I still think about her a lot, not in the way that I used to but similar, I wonder how she is and what she is doing. She was really nice, now I am having to go all the way to delete her from my life.

Thanks to you mum, I have extra space for happiness. Everything is okay again. Actually everything already was more than okay but this, now it seems as my whole life is okay again.

Internet is great, google is magic, social media’s are wonderful to share with friends and family and my blog is one of the best things to ever happen to me, but in the wrong hands it can all go wrong, even a person who was my friend…

Don’t bottle it in, tell someone, ask for advice, police help even. There are dark clouds out there that life will throw at you and they will drift your way but there is also lots of stars are a shining sun to guide you to the light. Remember: “ Stars can’t shine without darkness”.

No matter what it is tell someone. I thought that I could solve this by myself, I was wrong.


Actually I am kind of glad that this happened, It teaches me some valuable life lessons:

  1. Block, delete and get rid of dark poisonous clouds.
  2. Talking it out and telling someone always helps.
  3. Mummy knows best- Sup Tangled reference…….
  4. Even if there are some clouds that hang, there are always more stars than clouds (I wrote that so if this gets famous then I get credit 🙂
  5. Things can and will get better…even if it takes months.
  6. And last but best- People change sometimes, from nice to nasty and vice-versa. Friendships morph and change but you will always have loyal, amazing and wise people by your side.

Thank you very very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned in my latest ‘diary’ post I am very excited because I have upcoming awesome ideas for this blog, most of them start next year for various secret reasons but some will come suddenly overnight. Please share this post because more people need to know about this. Please slap away any dark clouds even near your range, also tell someone, there is always someone somewhere who will know what to do. Even me, if you have Instagram (I am Planetgeorgia – of course). Or you can anonymously comment on this post or any other. Thanks for reading, I feel really good after getting it all out.

Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

Heirloom in the making: 

Hello everyone! 

Currently my mother and I are crocheting a blanket square by square. It is going to be given to me for Christmas and I am very excited! I can’t take too much credit because all of these squares apart from one are the ones mum has made. She can make about three in an hour and I take about three days to make one. It is hard but easy. You need to follow patterns and at the moment I am learning to remember the patten in my head. 

 This is my one square⬆️ 

I feel as though this blanket will be kept in my family for a long time and it sure is a Heirloom in the making. Memories are sewn here And this is also the first Granny Square that I have ever made, I made this last year or early this year sometime. My Mum and I started the blanket about a month and a bit ago. I am working on other squares. 

Handmade gifts are the best gifts and I do aim to have most of the gifts I give to me handmade by me. 

This blanket is so special and so beautiful, I love it to the moon and back. It will be snugly and warm and will make me happy just seeing it, it holds memories that I am living in right at this moment and each square tells a story. I was talking to someone the other day about this and they said they had a friend who just finished their blanket that they started as a teenager. I will keep this forever and it will indeed be a Heirloom.

Nextime you give a gift try to give something handmade, It is worth the look on their impressed faces and you feel so proud! It doesn’t have to be crochet it can be anything from a fingerpuppet to a full-on blanket. 

Thank you very much for reading!! Till next time (it’s the weekend so about an hour) Keep smiling, keep scrolling.