Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself.

How do we find ourselves? How can we? what do we do? A lot of people are on a desperate quest to “find themselves” and are confused at the result. We don’t end this journey through life, life is a journey with no destination.

This makes more sense than you might look and see, read it actually read it, there is a difference between reading it and really reading it. There is more message behind it and more meaning.

In life we create ourselves we are our own judge our own critisizer and the only person who can change our actions. We decide what we need to change and what to improve on, other people can judge, comment or even talk about us behind our backs but they can’t ever make us change ourselves. You are the only one on your planet and┬áplanet earth who has power over yourself. Trust me you are already on the quest to create yourself, you do it more than you think, just remember “don’t believe what you tell yourself late at night.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it. Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

See the bright side in every situation.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I did an inspiration post and Iwas suprised to see that in such a short amount of time I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback. So I will do another! 

Here we go:

See the bright side in every situation. In a lot of everyday situations we go strait to worrying and being anxious and seeing the negative. Why don’t we turn things around and see the positive.

What I have started doing to help me accomplish a more positive and less anxious mind frame is that when I come across a situation in which I’m anxious about and worrying is I think up 5 or more positive things about the change. I am a anxious person and I freak out at sudden change, time to think about things and to process things usually does the trick but sometimes time is not as available and I need to teach myself how to work at sudden change. Positive I find is the key to my worrying and it helps. Try to think up five positive things in a situation or change. Sometimes it may be hard because the mind naturally goes strait to the negative so ring up a friend who you trust and ask them to help you think of positives to the situation. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you give this a go. Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and life. Let the positives come to the situation. Please comment what you do to stay positive in these kind of situations.