Todays challenge.

Hello everyone!

Set a goal for today, if it is almost tommorrow then you can set one for tommorrow. Tell someone about this goal so they can remind you and encourage you to accomplish this goal.

It could be anything, from smiling at everyone you pass to keeping the lounge room neat all day for Mum. Set this goal and if you aren’t successful with it then that’s OK because you can always try again tommorrow!

Thank you for reading! Keep smiling, keep scrolling.

A little bit of insparation


life is hard.

life is annoying.

life is wonderful.

In life we’re always going to need a “get up and cheer up” that is what this post is all about.


Our lives are like a planet, our own little world, this doesn’t mean that everyone is always away with the fairys. It simply means that the people we meet and the obsticles we face are part of our lives and what we know. acctualy……its not that simple….

We, as humans all live on planet Earth.

Brighten up your planet by brightening up someone elses, be kind, humnble and fabulous.

Put yourself in someone elses shoes and think about the situation they are in. Help them, be availiable, be fabulous.

Thank you everyone!

If you would like more inspo than please comment so.

Three simple items that calm me

Hello everyone! 

I hope you’re having a great day! Today’s post is about three simple things that calm me, this means five everyday assessable things that have the ability to calm me. This post is also about seeing what others may not see and looking at things with fresh eyes and a positive mind frame.

I won’t hold you up, here we go:

  1. Breath, the breath is the number one most popular calming tool and is used in most meditation. The breath is amazing because you can never leave it at home, it continues without you thinking about it, it is natural and you can feel it moving in and out of your body. Take a moment to breathe in some positive air and out the negative.
  2. Books, books for me are wordless, I cannot describe how brilliant they are to me. They can make you cry, laugh or even yell at the character not to go in the old house. There are so many different types of books, old ,new, romance, scary,adventure or even fact. They are so amazing and if you need a break from your own troubles then you can go read about someone else’s. Most of the time they have a moral and plus unless your reading digital they will never run out of battery.
  3. Clock work. This one is a good one, Clock work is two faced. One one side you could look at it and think “Oh, it’s just a thing to remind me of the little time I have and to remind me that I’m wasting time” but that would be the negative and you’re not helping ANYONE by thinking the negative. Look on the positive side and you’ll see this “oh, it continues ticking and stays strong no matter what is around it and never tries to control its ticking  just because it doesn’t like it, it is continuous and is always its self. We could learn a lot from a clock” teehee that rhymed.


Thank you for listening! Please comment what you think about these and what simple things calm you.

Remember to stay positive! Keep smiling, keep scrolling.👍🏻

Ten things to do today and every day😀

First things first, I would like you to have the knowledge that this doesn’t include Lazy days, where you stay in your PJ’s all day, wearing no bra, on your computer, on my blog (or doing something less important and interesting) let your lazy days be lazy!

This post is about brightening up our days, feeling better and spending time wisely for we will never be this young again.

Here we go: 

1. When you wake up think of positive things such as ‘today’s gonna be awesome!’. This will give you a good start to the day and improve your attitude through the day as well as making your day better and other people around you happier!

2. Go outside! Whether you have your morning cup of coffee or tea outside or lay on a blanket on the grass, just get out there! (But I know that’s not always an option if you live where I live)🌱🌳🌷Ps. Outside physical activity counts.

3. Physical activity!🏃🏼🚴🏻🏀 Yeah, I know what your thinking, your thinking”poop💩”and now your thinking “wow, how did she know?”. But physical activity isn’t all “poop💩” it can be: A long, slow and enjoyable walk with music to accompany you🎧(my personal favourite), carrying, not pushing groceries or even dancing on your bed with the door locked😝🎤. Trust me when you’re finished you’ll feel like gold💎(or Dimond…….preferably diamond)

4. Something that makes you happy! Sometimes we don’t realise it bit %99 percent of the time our devices and social median won’t actually make us happy. You can:🏊🏼swim,🎨paint,🎧listen to music,🚴🏻ride a bike,✉️send mail,📝write a story or a book I write blog posts,📖read(luv)📷photography,💻Google,🎥film a home video,📞call a friend,📻listen to the radio,👗dress up even if you’re staying home all day,🎤sing(and dance),🎸play an instrument,🛀🏽have a bath,👑pretend to be the Queen,🎉have your own par-tay,🍳cook,💅🏼pamper,🙇🏼lay there and just think(for a limited amount of time may lead to boredom),😗😘😝😜practice expression in the mirror(boring alone). (If you would like extended emoji happiness please comment so⬇️

5. Make some one else smile! I have already given you this talk but I’ll give you a brief reminder: making someone else smile will brighten up your day and theirs! It’s so easy and simple, just comment something like “you look nice today” or “wow, keep it up!”.

6. Listen! We all have our own problems and our own thoughts but we get so side track on ourselves that we hardly ever think of other people and there lives and the situation they’re in. So take a moment to pause and ask the closest person near you how they are and don’t interrupt them. This will make you seem more open and friendly and make you feel good about yourself. (Yes, texting does count)

7. Do something productive! Most of the things that are listed above are productive and will make the day worth while, but there is something about tidying up your wardrobe that at the end of the day you think”wow, today was a good day”. So do something you’ve been putting off.

8. Make it a special day! Make today the first time you tried Sushi or the first day you went the whole day without screens. Do something new or something you’ll remember forever.

9. Do something creative! Do something creative or inspiraring that you can keep or remember.

10. Play your favourite song!🎶 I have done a music post previously and many of you commented, music is a great way to spice up your day and to make your stress bar go down and the happiness bar go up. My favourite song always changes so a lot of the time I listen to the radio so I cane get the latest hits😀
Thanks very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it😀. 

Keep smiling, keep scrolling💁🏼

How to accessorise 

Hello everyone!
Todays post is going to be about the tips and tricks on how to accessorise (as obviously stated in the title). Everyone knows that a statement necklace makes a statement but do you know that even if the statement is statemented (teehee) it is just a waste of time and tolerance if not properly colour matched-Girl, you donna want a CLASH!-eg. A blue flowing dress with black knee high boots, a black head band and then a 💥KABAM💥 thick rainbow necklace does NOT and I repeat does NOT work! 

So here we go:
Amazing tip #1 Say it’s summer and your wearing a tank top, short shorts and flats, it’s fine to gather as many friendship bracelets and wristbands as possible and shove them all on your wrist-that looks OK. As for an Autumn or Winter look go for a more detailed, expensive-but-less kind of look.
Amazing tip #2 When you shop, lookout for the bargains (not that you don’t already) but the stuff that looks good on you and your bank account.
Amazing tip #3 There are two amazing colours in this world (pink is not amazing it’s beautiful) that go with absolutely EVERYTHING;Gold;Silver. But there are two very important rules to them, rule one is that you can never put them together in jewellery (you can’t have a gold bracelet and then a silver necklace, you must have the same colour). Rule two is that they can never be alone, never let them mope alone all by themselves, (a silver necklace and silver earrings is all you need)
So there you go, I’m pretty proud of myself considering the fact that no google was involved😝