Go Away! – A short story

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a nice day!

You all loved my previous story so I decided that I would write another! I actually got the idea for the story from my writing notebook, in which I write blog post ideas and story ideas and take everywhere, this story reflects how I feel sometimes, how everyone feels sometimes, usually to solve this problem I would go for a walk then realize how stupid it was to get mad at them!

Anyway, enough, enough Here we go:


It’s a normal day, well normal night….for everyone apart from my family….we’re not normal, because on most Tuesday nights when family’s sit down to eat they chat and laugh, but not our family.

‘Bloop Blooop’ my stupid brother says, ‘He’s doing it to annoy me, I know that, I’ll just ignore him and he’ll stop’ I say to myself. This lasts for five short seconds and he still doesn’t stop! ‘Blooooop Bloop’ I can barely keep my mouth shut and my foot still…..It blurts out before I can stop myself, “Shut up you Idiot” That’s not all though my foot breaks lose and I give him a kick in the shin, not hard enough to hurt but of course he’s lying on the floor screaming, He’s such a terrible liar!

Mum and Dad swing the door open and of course believe my brothers fake screaming! “Annabelle!” oh no, they only ever call me Annabelle when I’m in deep, deep trouble “what did you do to him?” I helplessly try to get out of it “I didn’t hurt him!” Their expressions don’t change, if anything they get worse “Well, you obviously did!” Mum screeches. It’s like they don’t even care about me, don’t even believe me!

They were mad, I was mad so I did what any young, moody,dramatic and bratty girl would do…..I threw a tantrum. I let out a long high-pitched scream that filled the house (god, I would NOT like to be our neighbors)

I hate you I hate you!” I cannot calm down, I will not calm down. I run up the stairs and into my horrible bedroom, I slam the door shut but it doesn’t work, I do it again and again until I get it just right. I plonk onto my bed and start beating up my pillow.

Honestly I had a million and more reasons to be mad at them at that moment but now I can’t even think of one.

I don’t know what I’m talking about but I don’t stop screaming at them. “I wish I live alone, I wish you’d all GO AWAY!

Suddenly the house goes quiet, I go quiet. I sit up and wait for a few minutes, finally I get up and slowly creak open the door. I am shocked at what I see, the house is different, messier….It’s like mum wasn’t even..but I push the thought away, I creep down the hall into my brothers bedroom only to find it looking like a junk storeroom, there is no bed….’actually there probably is but berried under all his junk‘ I think calming myself down, he always has his room looking like a pig sty. I realize I’m scared…really, really scared, this is my own house and I feel like I’m going through the haunted house with Sally all over again, but with sally if something jumped out at me I could trust that it was a human in a costume. I walk over to my parents bedroom and find myself shocked, This must be a dream but I know it’s not, you don’t fall asleep screaming and beating up your pillow. What I see is another junk yard, This can’t be real, my Mum is a neat freak, she would never let it get like this.

I’ve had to much, I run outside 123 yep, definitely my house. They must be playing a trick on me, how else would you explain it? But I notice that in all the houses the lights are off, ‘I must have been screaming for longer that I thought’ I go back in side giving up ” OK, I’m sorry you can come out and help me clean up the house now” but nothing happens, something shiny catches my eye I bend down and pick it up, it’s a family photo…..I drop it and run….. it was the family photo, the one that we took at the zoo last year…..our family photo…..with only me in it.

It was then that I realized that my wish had come true and there was nothing I could do about It, but also my wish had kinda doubled up because I wasn’t just the only one in the family and living alone, Oh no, it was much worse that that, I was the only one…..in the world. I sobbed and cried but it did nothing I was alone for days or weeks or hours, I don’t know. Some say that this would be good because you could do whatever you wanted to do and that was true, but no TV, no dogs, nothing. I wasn’t having fun, not one little bit.

I tried everything. But one. One day, maybe years or weeks later, I said Sorry, out loud to what I thought was myself wishing they could hear me, then all in a blur my life was back to normal and I was sitting at the diner table on a Tuesday evening and we were sitting at the diner table like a normal family. My brother was annoying me with his noises so I ignored him, this time for more that five seconds and he stopped.

Like my story? This is how we all feel sometimes, I know I feel like this (not as bad though). Please comment your fav part of the story! Thank you very very much! Keep smiling, Keep scrolling!


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