Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a nice day! Today my Mum and Dad had to do some work so I did some babysitting for them to help out. It was pretty darn hard considering the fact that they have four children (including me). I had a six month old baby, a 4 year old little girl and a 8 year old boy to look after all by myself. So today’s post will be me trying to give you some tips and tricks on what they did then my solution to the problem.

  • The first thing that they decided to do was play on the Ipad, this was fine and was good for killing time whilst I looked after baby Sarah, but turned out to be only good for a few minutes because they started to fight over the Ipad. What I did then was tell them that they only had ten more minutes left to play on the Ipad (total substitute parent here) this made them stop fighting and start taking turns (WHAT?).
  • Ten minutes over and nothing to do, as a responsible babysitter and sister I decided to do something that didn’t involve screens (how will we cope?) my best option was a cubby, they got really exited and started jumping up and down (brownie points for moi) but the thing with cubbys what you need to ask yourself is: can I be stuffed packing it up? You also have to ask them to promise to help pack it up (WARNING: Some children may NOT be trusted.).
  • ¬†Then there is the fight of who is the first person in. This calls for a second door.
  • Another thing with cubbys is that the entertainment time is limited, making it is the fun part, then you sit in it with a baby, a four year old and and eight year old and go: what do we do now? What I did was get out some simple things for them to make a: Dez Dear Mum, Items needed:¬† Plain paper, random and kinda scary cat stickers, crayons and textas.
  • They did make Dear Mums but decided to give them to her strait away which meant all of them in our parents bed-room, this is a no-go because my parents told me to baby sit them and instead they’re jumping on there bed. Of course they were grateful for the Dear Mums but not for the bed jumping(OOPS).
  • Once I got them out (practically impossible but I did it coz I’m genius) they were bouncing off the walls so they needed something that would calm them down, a board game did the job, we played ‘trouble’ without any trouble (teehee).
  • Mum and Dad had finished their work and extra brownie points for me, the kids were happy and that is project completed.

Thank you very much for reading!Cya!

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