5 things to make you happy this February

Being happy is a very important feeling in life, but because the difficult journey through life has obstacles that make you struggle and feeling happy is not always easy. So here I give you 20 things that you can either do, think or share.

  1. People! This depends on what mood your’e (remember listen to yourself, if you feel as though it might be awkward, uncomfortable or you don’t feel like doing it the your’e most likely right). Hang out with people in your life that make you feel comfortable.
  2. Your environment! you may not realise it but feeling crappy has allot to do with your environment surrounding you. Messy room is mainly the case for me thats why I tidy my room every day this mean that at the end of the week there is not a huge clutter.
  3. Talking it out! You can call up your best friend, blab to your mum or talk to yourself in the mirror. Whatever suits you let it out!
  4. Google! looking up inspiring quotes always makes me feel better.
  5. Memories! Take a peep through those baby boxes under the bed and allow yourself to take a trip down memory lane, just make sure that there are no bad memory’s.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you found this useful or inspired. Please leave a comment of something that makes you happy and It will be in next months “happy” post (with credit for it). Again thank you for reading and I’ll leave you to continue scrolling.


Happy 2015 everyone! how was your holidays? Do you have any plans or resolutions? My resolutions this year are Being a more positive person, Being more organised and prepared and Listening to my feelings. I think that Listening to my feelings is the most important one, what I mean by this is that listen to those gut feelings because its those gut feelings that will get you places and also if you don’t feel like doing something because something or someone let you down then allow yourself to do some thing that makes you happy, then you will find that you will be physically and mentally better and able to do things outside of your comfort zone.

Have a great 2015!